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Welcome to Hillsborough County Public Schools' Employee Benefits and Risk Management department, part of the Division of Human Resources. It is our privilege to provide our employees with the following.

Announcements / Newsletters Due to the growing number of Announcements and Newsletters, they are kept on a separate page.
AmeriDrug Prescription Mail Order Form PDFDOWNLOAD AmeriDrug Prescription Mail Order Form
AON FSA Reimbursement
Login at www.sdhc.selfservicenow.com to file your reimbursement request electronically OR contact Aon at 866-522-9133 and request a reimbursement form.

For debit card tips and account documentation requirements, click here!

Beneficiary Designation and Change form

PDF DOWNLOAD Beneficiary Designation and Change Form

Please note: The download link above goes directly to the Beneficiary forms located on the Standard Insurance website. http://www.standard.com/eforms/1628_642228.pdf

MHNet Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

MHNet Employee Assistance Program (EAP) -- MHNet companies provide mental health, substance abuse and Employee Assistance Program services. Visit the MHNet Employee Assistance Program (EAP) information page.

GAP Claim Form PDF DOWNLOAD GAP Claim Form
HIPAA Forms in English and Spanish Go to the HIPAA web page to download the forms.
Long Term Disability Claim Packet

PDF DOWNLOAD the Long Term Disability Claim Packet

Please note: The Long Term Disability Claim Packet is located on the Standard Insurance site and is maintained by Standard Insurance.

The Long Term Disability Claim Packet includes:

  • Instructions
  • Employer/Employee Statement
  • Attending Physician's Statement
  • Authorization to Obtain Information
Maternity Disability Claim form Go to the Maternity Disability Claim Web Page to download the Maternity Disability Claim information and instructions
Optional Health Insurance Coverage for Eligible Adult Children PDFDOWNLOAD Opt. Health Ins. Coverage Form for Eligible Adult Children, Age 26 - 30
Prescription Mail Order form

PDFDOWNLOAD Prescription Mail Order Information Packet

Short Term Disability Claim Instructions

PDF DOWNLOAD the Short Term Disability Claim Instructions

The Short Term Disability Claim Instructions includes:

  • Telephonic Announcement/Instruction Letter
  • Q & A
Tax Shelter Companies and Agents PDFDOWNLOAD Approved Tax Shelter Agent Contact List
***NOTICE*** HCPS collects your Social Security Number for the following purposes: Identification and verification, employment qualification, tax reporting, benefits and retirement processing, unemployment compensation, and state reporting to the Department of Education. Social security numbers are also used as a unique numeric identification within some of our systems and may be used for search purposes.
***Nota*** Las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Hillsborough requieren su número de seguro social para los siguientes propósitos: identificación y verificación, requisitos para empleo, reportes de impuestos, procesamiento de beneficios y jubilación, compensación por desempleo y reportes estatales para el Departamento de Educación. El número de seguro social también es usado como un número distintivo de identificación dentro de algunos de nuestros sistemas y podría usarse para buscar información.