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Teacher Recruitment: 2920 North 40th Street Tampa FL 33605 phone: 813-840-7167
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Upcoming FL Dept. of Education Event: The Florida Department of Education typically hosts "The Great Florida Teach-In" each summer. More information may be available on their site sometime before April/May. Teach In Florida Job Fairs


What can you do to prepare for registration?

  • Persons who have NEVER worked for this school district need to be sure they have submitted an online application for employment. Immediately prior to registering, be sure to login to your online application to verify that your application is still in the system. We remove expiring applications on a regular basis. If your application was removed, please reapply.
  • Persons who have or are working for this school district (even substitutes) should be sure your most recent certification information is in our system.

Please read important information below.

Our ANNUAL "job fair" called Teacher Interview Days (TID) and the Renaissance (Title One schools) Interview Day are both scheduled for mid June 2014. See details below.

LOCATION: JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL (see flyer for exact address)

Renaissance (Title 1 schools) Interviews -- Wednesday, June 18, 2014
7:00am to 11:30am

Secondary (Sixth grade through 12th grade) -- Wednesday, June 18, 2014
12:00pm to 5pm

Elementary-- Thursday, June 19, 2014
7:00am to 1pm

TID registrants: Check your STATUS!

If you registered to attend either of our Interview Event, please check your registration status by using your username and password provided on your registration receipt.

Allow one or two weeks for us to process. Thank you!


After you have submitted your request for registration, return here and login using the login form in the upper-left area of this web page. The username is either your Employee number or your External Candidate Number and your password is the last four numbers of your Social Security Number.

TID/Renaissance registration STATUS legend:

  • "Received" status = your application has been received but not reviewed.
  • "Pending" status = either we are waiting on your Haberman Assessment Test results or for you to submit a requested certification test result.
  • "Approved" status = Important TID information is included in this message
  • "Denied" status = You either do not meet the requirements or we had to cap the registration on your area of certification.