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phone: (813) 757-9331 | website: http://migrant.mysdhc.org/

What we do for the school district:

  • provide federal financial assistance through state education agencies

What we do for migrant children and their families:

  • provide supplemental:
  • supplemental academic services
  • supplemental social services
  • supplemental health services, and
  • advocacy support service

Funds (money)

Migrant Programs (Part C of PL 107-334 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) - provide funds (money) to district to assist migrant children in schools with significant populations of migrant youngsters.

Funds available to the Migrant Program are to used for the following purposes:

  1. Advocacy and outreach activities for migratory children and their families, including informing such children and families of, or helping such children and families gain access to, other education, health, nutrition and social services;
  2. Professional development programs, including mentoring, for teachers and other program personnel;
  3. Family literacy programs, including such programs that use models developed under Even Start;
  4. The integration of information technology into educational and related programs and;
  5. Programs to facilitate the transition of secondary school students to post secondary education or employment.

The Hillsborough School District allocates funds and personnel directly to schools for these purposes. Schools receiving Migrant Part C funds must use those funds for the benefit of identified Migrant children exclusively. As is the case in Title 1, federal law requires that a district not use Migrant funds to offset expenses to a Migrant school that would normally be paid by other sources if the Migrant funds were not available.

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Division of Supportive Services and Federal Programs

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