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Nature's Classroom

Nature's Classroom

Featured Program - 6th grade, Hillsborough River Watershed, 3-day Field Experience Activities

Upland / Wetland Hike: Walking through the various habitats, students study the role that the physical environment plays in determining the location of biological communities within the Hillsborough River watershed.

Shoreline Sampling: Wading knee deep in the water of the river, students monitor biodiversity of macro invertebrates to monitor the health of the Hillsborough River ecosystem.

River Exploration: Riding in 19” Carolina skiffs, students monitor the health of the Hillsborough River biologically by collecting diversity data of the larger animal species and through collection of data of basic chemical parameters.

Animal Compound: The Florida native collection of larger mammals, birds and reptiles allows students to make observations and create inferences to synthesize about how they are able to survive in the Hillsborough River ecosystem.

Interpretive Center: Through interaction and observation, students are exposed to each class of vertebrate animal: birds, amphibians, mammals, fish and reptiles

Orienteering: Using compasses, students conduct upland orienteering sessions applying cooperative skills, mathematic, and social studies skills to navigate in the woods using a series of landmarks.

Alternate Activity: Survival: Students build an awareness that all things must move, adapt or die if the conditions around them change. This activity develops higher level thinking and problem solving as they participate in team-building, cooperative activities and discussions.

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