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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Hurricane Irma Resources

Schools will reopen on Monday, Sept 18th. Read more

Information for Families

We're working with our unions to develop a survey right now. The survey will go out to all of our employees so we can get feedback from our teachers and staff on different options to make up the instructional time we are missing. Our Human Resources and Teaching & Learning teams will use that information to create a plan, with the aim of having that plan ready in the next few weeks.

Families who may be gone for an extended period of time should work with your school's principal to qualify for an excused absence and make up any missed work.

Yes, charter schools have their own boards and can make a decision on when to reopen their schools. Please check with your charter school to find out when your school will resume.

We know a hurricane can be frightening for adults and children. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network acknowledges that the length of recovery will depend in part upon how frightening the hurricane was, whether evacuation from home was necessary, and the extent of the damage and loss. Children often turn to adults for information, comfort, and help. Children do best when parents and teachers remain (or at least appear) calm, answer children's questions honestly, and respond as best they can to requests.

NCTSN explains some common reactions you may notice in your child/student after the storm and what you can do to help: Parent Guidelines for Helping Children after a Hurricane

Schools will have guidance counselors available for students who would like to talk about their Hurricane Irma experience and feelings.

There will be no charge for the week of Sept. 11-15 and parents will not be charged a vacation week. Billing will resume as normal for the week of Sept. 18-22.

There will be a reacclimation period once we return to school to make sure student athletes are properly conditioned to prevent injuries. Practice can resume on Monday. The district will work with coaches to reschedule as many missed contests as possible.

Student Nutrition Services is able to monitor refrigeration temperatures at all school sites. SNS is notifying managers if the food has reached an unsafe temperature and the food is no longer usable. The district has procedures in place to properly dispose of the food and sanitize the storage equipment. Student Nutrition Services is working to make sure schools are stocked with the food needed to nourish our students.

The district is working with the state to organize possible emergency meals in some schools with power through our National School Breakfast and Lunch program. Some schools are also organizing their own meals, please check with your principal for options at your school.

The district's Transportation Team is working with the Emergency Operations Center to monitor the safety of area roadways. Drivers will pick up students as closely as possible to their regular bus stop. Please plan for buses to potentially be running later than usual as drivers may have to navigate alternate routes due to road conditions.

Teams of custodians, both from the school that served as a shelter and surrounding schools, are sanitizing and reorganizing the shelter schools. The schools and classrooms will be clean and ready for students to return on Monday.

Information for Staff

The September 15th payday was shifted to September 8th.

The next payday will be September 29th.

You will be paid for the days that school has been canceled due to Hurricane Irma.

Human Resources will be emailing out information about how to apply to FEMA for compensation.

Employees have already been paid for Thursday, September 7th and Friday, September 8th in the 9/15 paycheck that was issued a week early on 9/8.

You will be paid for all time off this week until classes resume.

If you can't make it into work once classes resume, you will have to use a sick/personal day for each day you are out. To reiterate, that does not impact you getting paid for the days prior to classes resuming.

You should request a substitite teacher in your absence the way you always do, through Kelly Services.

As a Kelly Services employee, you will not be paid if you're a substitute teacher for days not worked.

The fall instructional pool scheduled for Friday, September 15th has been postponed. The HR Team will send out additional information once a new timeline is verified.

Professional Development evening classes will resume on the same date that the district resumes classes.

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