Health Services

Health Services

Health Requirements and Screenings

Assuring adherence to mandates concerning health requirements and health screenings is a responsibility of this service area. Staff registered nurses provide child specific training, monitoring and nursing services needed during the school day. Assessments of individual and school-wide health problems are provided by nurse practitioners or medical doctor in School Health Services. Responses to communicable or infectious outbreaks are coordinated by this service in collaboration with Hillsborough County Health Department and Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Special Projects and Assignments

Communicable and Infectious Diseases Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Activities
Mandated Screenings and Surveillance Back to School Fairs
Healthy Student Program CPR, AED and First Aid Training
Hillsborough County Health Care Plan District Safety - OSHA
Integrated School Health Program USF Medical Residency Programs
KidCare USF Nursing Programs
Lions Club Vision Program USF Pharmacy Program
Immunization Requirements and Programs UT Nursing Programs
Physical Examination Requirements and Programs South University Nursing Program
Medical or Health Conditions Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vision Program
Medications, Procedures and/or Treatments
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