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Middle School Education

Middle School Education

Student Progression Plan Addendeum

Course Grade Criteria

  1. Middle school courses require a district semester exam or a state EOC exam, with the exception of Career Research and Decision Making and specialized electives. Weighting of semester exams is specific to the course and ranges from 15% to 30%.
  2. EOC exams are state mandated for students enrolled in Civics, Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Honors, Geometry Honors, and Biology. In accordance with the state statute, the EOC exam grade equals 30% of the semester grade.
  3. The semester grade is calculated by converting the two quarter grades and the exam grade to quality points, which are weighted and averaged.
  4. In order to pass a middle school semester course that requires an exam, students must meet the following criteria:
    • the weighted average of the two quarter grades and the district scaled semester exam must be greater than or equal to a 0.5 on a four-point scale; and
    • at least one of the quarter grades must be a D or higher (refer to the grade calculation chart).
  5. In order to pass a middle school semester course that does not require an exam, students must earn a minimum of two quality points.

Middle School Students Enrolled in High School Credit Courses

  1. Grades earned for high school credit courses are included in the student’s high school grade point average (GPA) and appear on the high school transcript.
  2. Students may increase their high school cumulative, weighted district GPA through honors level coursework. A bonus .04 is added to the student’s cumulative, weighted district GPA for each half credit completed in an honors level course.
  3. The grade enhancement policy for high school credit courses taken prior to grade 9 allows students to replace a grade of C or below. The grade is replaced when the student subsequently earns a grade of C or higher in the same or comparable course. The replaced grade appears on the high school transcript and counts in the cumulative, weighted district GPA used to determine rank in class; but it is excluded in the cumulative, unweighted state GPA required for graduation.
  4. Middle school students do not meet the eligibility and/or prerequisites for high school Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment course work.

Extended Learning Program (ELP)

The Extended Learning Program provides supplemental academic support through tutorial, grade enhancement and course recovery courses.

  1. Tutorial courses provide non-credit, academic intervention intended for middle school students who requiring assistance with advanced studies or scoring below level 3 on the English Language Arts (ELA) or Mathematics FSA.
  2. Grade enhancement courses provide an opportunity for students to earn one quality point (grade of P) in place of a failing quarter grade for the corresponding seventh or eighth grade course. ELP grade enhancement does not apply to high school credit courses.
  3. Course recovery courses provide an opportunity for students who were administratively placed in the current grade to make-up a failing semester grade for a required sixth or seventh grade course.

Promotion Requirements

  1. Middle school students must pass language arts, mathematics, science and social studies to meet annual promotion requirements.
  2. In order to be promoted to high school, middle school students must meet the following cumulative requirements:
    • successful completion of three middle or high school level courses in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, to include one civics education course; and
    • a personalized academic and career plan. (F.S. 1003.4156)
  3. Students scoring a level 3 or higher on the Algebra 1 EOC exam meet the promotion requirement for the corresponding mathematics course.
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