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Nature's Classroom

Nature's Classroom

Learning to be a part of nature, not apart from it!


Nature’s Classroom will be recognized as a leading environmental center in Florida and one of the best in the southeast. We will be at the forefront of programming, and education. We will create and deliver stellar opportunities to develop the caretakers of our environment, locally and globally.

To provide learners positive experiences in nature to reach an appreciation of the environment and to promote conservation and preservation by developing awareness and understanding of ecological principals.

Nature’s Classroom is located in Northeast Hillsborough County on 365 acres provided by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). The Hillsborough River forms one boundary of the property and contains a variety of natural communities (i.e. riverine swamp, sandhills and pine flatwoods).

The Hillsborough River Watershed Field Study Program for 6th graders is the main focus of the programming at Nature’s Classroom. The students attend a 3-day immersion into the habitats, flora, fauna, human use and impact field study of the Hillsborough River Watershed. In the 2014/15 school year, nearly 15,000 6th graders will have attended the session. Approximately 540,000 hours of ecological and outdoor skills experiences are provided annually to the 6th grade population alone.

The school also offers a variety of activities and educational experiences for learners of other grade levels on a limited basis. As well, Formal and informal educator training and meeting space for groups or organizations in the greater community is available by special request and reservation. The site is open to the general public once a year during the “Woods, Water and Wildlife” Festival that is held annually each Spring.

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Address: 13100 Verges Road, Thonotosassa, FL 33592

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