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Considering Home Education

imageHome education is defined by Florida Statute (pdf) as "sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent in order to satisfy the attendance requirements of SS. 1002.41, 1003.01 (4), and 1003.21 (1)." The law requires that the parent meet one of the following conditions:

  1. The parent must hold a valid regular Florida certificate in the subjects or grades to be taught and complies with any other requirements prescribed by law, or

  2. The parent does not hold a valid regular certificate to teach but complies with the following requirements:

    1. Notifies the superintendent of schools of the county in which the parent resides of his or her intent to establish a home education program. (see Letter of Intent (pdf))

    2. Maintains a portfolio of records and materials.

    3. Provides an annual educational evaluation.

More detailed information can be obtained by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers page on this site and from the Florida Department of Education web site.

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