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Applying for a position (job) in this school district involves five general steps:

-->1.) APPLY: Complete an application for employment. Click here to go to the Online Application

IF YOU WERE A FORMER EMPLOYEE of this school district, CLICK HERE.

Si usted es un ex-empleado de este distrito escolar, MARQUE AQUÍ.

-->2.) MONITOR: Monitor your application status. (Siga de cerca el estado de su solicitud a través de nuestro sitio electrónico en Internet, conectándose a su solicitud electrónica.) There are two ways to do this:

through the online application system (requires username and password)
CLICK HERE IF you need to know your USER NAME and PASSWORD, or to see if you are still in the online application system.

Contact Application Center (see below)
NOTE! If you contact Application Center, you must provide the FULL name on the application, the address on the application, and the Application Number (if you have it). We have thousands of applicants, and this is the only way we can find you in the system.

  • email:
  • mail: Application Center 2920 N. 40th St Tampa, FL 33605
  • phone: 813-840-7181
    Hours 8:00am to 11:30am and 12:30pm to 4:30pm EST; Monday-Friday
    El horario es 8:00am a 11:30am y 12:30pm a 4:30pm EST; Lunes-Viernes

-->3.) RESEARCH: When your application status reflects "ACTIVE", that means you have been assigned one or more "qualifications/competencies" based upon your education, experience, licenses, certifications. If you are using the online system to check your application status, a link to your competencies will be located below your application status. You may begin finding vacancies for which you qualify based upon your assigned competencies. For example, if one or more of your competencies is "Custodial", then you may be qualified to fill some of our Custodial positions. To find jobs/open positions/vacancies, visit the Vacancy Lists (see below) . The Vacancy Lists are continually updated. On the Vacancy lists, you'll note that each vacancy has contact information listed with it. Contact the contact person/s for each positions to which you wish to apply.

Cuando el estado de su solicitud indique “Active”, usted puede comenzar a buscar empleos para los que califique. Contacte a la persona en el número telefónico que aparece en el anuncio de empleos disponibles. Los anuncios de empleos disponibles aparecen en nuestro sitio electrónico en Internet, bajo el nombre de “Employment”.

Vacancies Click here to view Vacancies
Note! If you are interested in an Instructional position at a MAGNET school, please visit this site Magnet Application.

Kid holding Card-->4.) PURSUE: At this point, it is assumed that having followed the directions above you contacted people regarding one or more vacancies. These same people have access to your completed application through our application system. They can use their computers to get that information. Even still, they may ask you for a resume or additional documents. Some may also contact the references you entered on your application.

NOTE: If you are pursuing an Instructional position located at a "Magnet" school please visit this web page: Magnet Application

  • IF you are hired...
    You will be asked to go to "Processing" (short for "Employee Processing"). SEE "PROCESS" below.
  • IF you are not hired....
    return to Step 2, above ("MONITOR") as often as you like to continue searching for and pursuing employment. IF at any time you need to update your application information (change of address, new certifications, etc.) Please contact Human Resources's -- see contact information above in "2.) MONITOR".

-->5.) PROCESS: If one of the persons wishes to hire you, they will give you instructions for going to "Processing" (short for "Employee Processing"). When (or before) that happens, please visit the Processing Checklist page. This page will help prepare you for Processing so you will be equipped when you get there.

We wish you the best and thank you for your interest!