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Student Progression Plan (approved 1/24/2014)


FamilyStudent Progression K-Adult

Each district school board is required by state law to establish a comprehensive program for student progression which is based on an evaluation of each studentís performance including how well the student masters the performance standards approved by the state board.

Each districtís program for student progression is based on local goals and objectives which are compatible with the stateís plan for education. Pertinent factors considered by the teacher before recommending that a student progresses from one grade to another are prescribed by the district school board in its rules. (Florida Statute. 1008.25)

All procedures listed in this Student Progression Plan are subject to change because of Hillsborough County School Board or school administrative action. Students will be notified when such changes occur. Some individual school policies may vary according to the siteís School Improvement Plan approved by the Hillsborough County School Board.


The vision of the Hillsborough County Public Schools is to become the nationís leader in developing successful students.

The mission of the Hillsborough County Public Schools is to provide an education that enables each student to excel as a successful and responsible citizen.

District and state regulations place the responsibility for decisions regarding student placement including promotion, retention, and special placement primarily with the principal and the School Placement Committee. The Student Progression Plan establishes procedures to achieve parent or guardian understanding, cooperation, and acceptance of the studentís placement.

This plan and the procedures for its implementation reflect clearly that promotion in the Hillsborough County Public Schools is based on student achievement.

Download the entire document in pdf format.

(Approved 1/24/2014)


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