There are two ways to login to IDEAS:

  1. INTERNET (less security, slower)
  2. FirstClass Client Software (more secure, faster, improved functionality) WE RECOMMEND you use the software.
  • To download and install the free client software: Click here
  • To continue to load the web interface: Click here
    • ( Please do NOT use this link to login at school)
  • IMPORTANT - All district employees will be required to use their six digit Employee ID (Lawson number) as their User ID to log-in for First Class/IDEAS.

Very Important!!

You can NOT access the PDS system from the web login for IDEAS. You MUST use the FirstClass Client Software.


Primary ID:

The District has established a Primary ID (PID) for employees accessing the following online applications:

  • Instructional Planning Tool
  • Lawson Portal
  • NSF Checks and Debt Collection

The PID is a portion of your last name (up to 6 letters) followed by the first letter of your first name (e.g. smithj).  This may vary slightly due to duplicate names.  Your UserID (PID) for these applications will not change, but your password will be changed to the password described below.

Employee ID Number:

The District has established an Employee ID Number for all employees. Employee ID numbers are displayed on your paycheck or advice. The Employee ID Number will be used to access Employee Self Service functions such as viewing payroll advices online.


To change your PID password or Employee ID Number password, go to

District policy requires you to change your password(s) at least once every 90 days.

Customer Service and Support 813-744-6673