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Policy Manual

7320 - Acquisition, Removal, Disposal, Sale, or Exchange of Property

For purposes of this policy, property shall be defined to include, but not be limited to tangible and intangible personal property, intellectual property, and real property.


All property shall be acquired through District procedures or through donations from outside sources. All property, however, including vehicular equipment shall be in the name of the School Board and under its full control. All property acquired from sources other than Board funds, such as PTA donations, shall be reported promptly, in accordance with District procedures established for property accountability.

Removal of Property

Property shall not be taken from any school building or premises for private use. Property may be lent to students or employees only with the prior written approval of the site administrator.

Disposal, Sale, or Exchange

Property which is not suitable for District use shall be disposed of in accordance with Federal and State statutes and other applicable regulations. The Board shall require that all stored electronic data or media cannot be retrieved for unauthorized use by a third party.

School Memorials and Gifts

  A. No individual, group, or organization shall be permitted to erect an honor roll, memorial, or structure of any kind upon school grounds except by approval of the Superintendent and Board. Memorials shall be limited to a plaque and/or appropriately displayed portrait in the media center, office, etc. Also, a simple landscape project would be acceptable (i.e. planting of a tree, small flower garden) provided there is little or no maintenance and the project is consistent with the Board's master plan.


  B. Permanent structures shall have utilitarian value in the operation of the school or be erected in memory of a person who has been associated with the school either as a student or employee, or as an organization which has made some outstanding contribution to the school or School District. (see also Policy 7230 - Gifts to the School District)


  C. The Board shall not accept a gift of art unless the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance is consistent with the value of the gift to the school. This gift will require approval of a committee approved by the Superintendent and shall include at least one person trained in the field of art.


  D. Articles of equipment donated to the schools by individuals, groups, or organizations may be accepted if they contribute to the operation of the school program. Donors shall be notified that the title of this gift shall be in the name of the Board.


School - Naming and Renaming

The Superintendent, with the assistance of individuals in the community and/or community organizations, if any, shall submit proposed name(s) for a school to the Board for consideration. Names for schools shall be considered in accordance with the following procedures:

  A. If a school is to be named by its location in the community, the name(s) proposed should be descriptive and of reasonable length.


  B. If a school is to be named for an individual (living or deceased), the name(s) proposed should be that of an outstanding civic or educational leader of local, State, or National prominence. An elected official proposed as a school name shall have left public office for a period of time not less than five years.


  C. Once adopted by the Board, the name of a new or existing school shall be considered permanent. If the Board subsequently initiates or is called upon to consider a name change, the Board shall allow a period of time of not less than 18 months for community involvement, deliberation, discussion, and debate, prior to its taking action.


F.S. 287.14, 287.16, 1001.42, 1010.04

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