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PreSchool / Early Childhood


Kindergarten through 12th grade

  • KINDERGARTEN through 12th grade REGISTRATION information is printed annually in the Student Handbook (two versions: English & Spanish).
  • You have many choices when it comes to selecting a school for your student/s. Please visit the CHOICE web site for more information, or call: 813-272-4692 for assistance.

A broad range of other opportunities available to students in elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12) grades is listed below.


Adult classes / programs

Career, Technical, and Adult Education


Technical classes / programs (Middle school - Adult)


Career Centers (for qualifying High-school aged students)

  • Information about enrollment in Career Centers may be obtained from either the Career Center or a High School Guidance Counselor.
  • For assistance, call Guidance Services at 813-273-7074

Magnet Schools (K-12) (Focused curriculum: Arts, Global Studies, etc.)

  • Applications for Magnet School entry are found on the Magnet Schools web site.
  • For assistance, contact the Choice Information Line at 813-272-4692

Charter Schools (K-12) (Independent / Operated by non-profit)

  • To enroll/register for a Charter School, call the Charter School in which you are interested.
  • Charter School web site
  • For assistance, call Charter Schools 813-272-4049

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) classes (PreK-Adult)

  • Information for Exceptional Student Education is found on the ESE web site.
  • For ESE assistance, call Exceptional Education 813-273-7221

Academically Gifted Program (AGP) classes (K-12)

  • Information for the Academically Gifted Program is found on the AGP web site.
  • For AGP assistance, call AGP at 813-272-4460

Home School / Home Education (K-12)

  • Information for Home Schooling / Home Education is found on the Home Education web site.
  • For Home School/Home Education assistance, call 813-272-4995 

Alternative Education (K-12)


DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES (college-credit courses available to qualifying High School students)

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