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All personnel of the Security Services Department are representative of the Hillsborough County Public Schools school district in Florida – one of the largest school districts in the entire nation. We are responsible to “protect and serve” the school community.

  • Our primary focus is to provide protection for our students and personnel.
  • Our second priority is the protection and preservation of district-owned property, followed by privately-owned property.

We provide around-the-clock professional security and law enforcement personnel. They are specially trained in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment.

The Security Services Department’s personnel are experienced in patrol techniques and alarm response procedure for various incidents occurring within any of the over 200 district-owned properties, covering a county of 1038 square miles. We also monitor communications and in excess of 2,200 alarm systems (i.e., fire and burglary) for the schools / sites. Additionally, the Department’s personnel are well equipped and prepared to handle school / site disruptions, threats to school personnel, trespassers, property damage, as well, as investigations into incidents of theft, vandalism, and burglary. We also provide specialized detection, surveillance capabilities, sensor protection and counsel (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - CPTED), and general guidance to school personnel on safety and security measures and concerns.

Our Department’s philosophy concerning the goal to “protect and serve” is to be “proactive” versus “reactive” endeavoring to prevent incidents that may result in injury or damage, rather than be forced to apprehend a perpetrator after an occurrence.

It is only through the teamwork of everyone within the Department, in concert with support from the School District of Hillsborough County’s Board of Education, that our Security Services Department can effectively achieve mission success.


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