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Bus Drivers - Click Here to Apply Now!

  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • Have at least 10th grade education or equivalent
  • Have at least five (5) years driving experience
  • Possess a valid C.D.L. license or a Phase 1 permit
    For a Phase I Permit - Obtain driver manual to study for written test that consists of:
    1. general knowledge
    2. passenger P endorsement
    3. air brakes
    4. school bus "S" Endorsement
  • A CDL Phase 1 class B permit will be provided by the applicant before the interview. This can be obtained at any drivers license office by completing the general knowledge, air brake, "S" Endorsement and passenger endorsement written test. The CDL Class B Phase II is provided by the Transportation Department after training is completed.
  • Transportation requires Hillsborough County Public Schools Buses to be parked within Hillsborough County except by special permission. We will assist in locating parking sites.
  • Have and maintain a working telephone number.
  • Rate of pay per hour is $11.08 at a minimum of seven (7) hours paid after you complete a work day, with no set guarantee of hours as a substitute. Summer time work is assigned first to permanent drivers at a minimum of five (5) hours per day.
  • You would have to agree to work or drive anywhere in Hillsborough County; and agree to keep your school bus clean inside and out to pass inspection.
  • Classroom and on the road training consists of 62 hours paid after passing all required subjects and driving skills.
  • Pay periods are every two weeks.
  • You are eligible for health insurance and retirement benefits after receiving permanent status.
  • Applicants should be somewhat familiar with the main roadways in the county.
  • You will need to provide Transportation with a working telephone numbers where you can be reached for an interview.
  • Assignments are determined by the Transportation Department and normally consist of runs for three schools due to staggered bell times, i.e., high school, elementary, middle school.
  • Termination as a bus driver will automatically occur if the employee receives a DUI or a positive test result for alcohol or drugs.
  • No criminal history; no past felony; assault and battery conviction, etc.
  • All bus drivers are subject to random alcohol and drug testing, in addition to the required testing included as part of the annual physical exam.
  • The Transportation Department will screen your application. Should you meet the requirements, you will be scheduled for an interview.


  1. The district shall review a driver's driving record obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles or by using the Automated School Bus Driver's License Record Check System prior to initial employment and prior to the first day of each semester of the regular school year, or the first day of summer school for any driver who will be transporting students during summer school.
  2. Any district employee who operates a school bus with a suspended or revoked license shall be subject to dismissal by the board.


The Transportation Department has an advertising link on the Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) Web Page and on the Transportation Department's web page. During community events, such as Community Fair, Say No To Drugs Walk, Project Link, Stuff the Bus, etc., professional bus drivers participate and recruit new bus drivers during the event.


Before a school bus driver applicant can become a probationary driver, the applicant must pay for the following out-of-pocket costs.

Driving History fee $17.25 for Florida (Lifetime driving history from DMV)

Fingerprinting fee $54.50

Fingerprint monitoring fee $24.00

Physical Examination $35.00

CDL License $48.00 (depending on type of license)


Hillsborough County Public Schools bus drivers receive annual training and updates three times a year. The two days of Pre-Planning are used for updates and getting ready for the new school year. The third day of Pre-Planning is the Re-Certification Day wherein drivers receive the training to meet the state's annual driver certification requirements.


Hillsborough County Public Schools bus driver applicants who successfully complete the sixty-two (62) hours of training required by the school system, and who meet the requirements of finger printing, physical examination and CDL license, become probationary bus drivers with no benefits for at least six months. At the end of the six-month probationary period, school bus drivers recommended for permanent employment then receive permanent benefits.

If you are interested in becoming a school bus driver, please contact (813) 982-5521.

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