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School Board

HCPS publishes minutes of School Board meetings after Board approval. Although the online minutes do not include signatures, citizens may arrange to review the official documents by completing a public records request with the Communications Department.

901 E. Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida, met in Workshop Session Tuesday, August 22, 2017, beginning at 9 a.m., in the School Board Auditorium, 901 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL, with Superintendent Jeff Eakins, and Board Members Lynn L. Gray, April Griffin, Sally Harris, Tamara P.Shamburger, Melissa Snively, Cindy Stuart, and Susan Valdes present. Chair Cindy Stuart presided.

Others present:

Board Attorney – James Porter

Chief of Staff: Alberto Vazquez, Ed.D. Deputy Superintendent: Van Ayres

Chief of Schools, Administration: Harrison Peters

Assistant Superintendents/Division Chiefs:

Academic Support and Federal Programs –Tracye Brown

Business – Gretchen Saunders

Diversity – Minerva Spanner Morrow

Educational Leadership and Professional Development – Tricia McManus

Government Relations – Connie Milito Human Resources – Marie Whelan Operations – Chris Farkas

Educational Access, Opportunity, and Alternatives – Wynne Tye

Teaching and Learning – Debbie Cook

Outreach - Larry Sykes

Media Outreach, Dept. Manager – Tanya Arja

Administrative Secretary (Recording) – Kandee King

News Media Representatives: Marlene Sokol

Approximately 25 people were in theaudience, including other school district personnel. Chair Stuart called the meeting to orderat 9 a.m.

(1)  School Board Policies

This workshop was held to review updates to School Board policies. Kristin Davis outlined the process, with Board approval on October 17, 2017, policies will be advertised October 20 – November 10 (21-day compliance to submit argument), bring back to the Board for approval at the December 5, 2017, School Board Meeting.

Policy #2800 Elevate Schools – Revision – Administration

  • Will the policy outline the criteria for becoming and leaving elevate status? The process is ongoing; we cannot always keep up with the legislative criteria. Our district has a criteria we will continue to follow.
  • Principal experience criteria has been defined as someone with a minimum of two-years’ experience. This will give the principal a good foundation before moving in to an elevate school
  • As schools are identified upgrades are made to the school to provide a conducive learning environment to ensure equity is maintained.

Policy #5330 Use of Medications – Revisions – Academic Support and Federal Programs

  • With many drugs mainstreamed and not FDA approved, we need to have a policy that identifies what can be administered to students on school property.
  • At a later date address the use of the word parent within this policy. With so many blended/non- traditional families this could become a burden on families. Mr. Porter will look into this.
  • This policy also covers the Healthy Schools Program.

Policy #8510 Wellness – Revisions – Teaching and Learning

  • This update is in response to HB 7069 which changed the amount of time allotted for recess.
  • Number of requests made by Mrs. Stuart for changes to this policy that have not been addressed.

Policy #5610.02a Alternative to Out-of-School Suspension (ATOSS) – Revision – Educational Access, Opportunity, and Alternatives

  • The process of moving from ATOSS to EPIC started18-20 months ago.
  • The number of students attending more than one session has decreased.
  • Area Superintendents are looking closely at the students who are attending and why.
  • Housing EPIC sites at designated schools has saved the district over $300,000.
  • Site based EPIC sites allows students to be supported through Student Services. 

Policy #6144 Investment and Cash Management Policy – Revision – Business Services

  • Title change aligns more with the policy.
  • Each section in this policy will be addressed at the September 5, 2017 workshop.

Policy #6147 Debt Management– New Policy – Business Services

  • Rating agency requested we have a debt management policy in writing.
  • This is everything we are currently doing.
  • The purpose of this policy is overall parameters, long term versus short term obligations.

Policy #6320 Procurement – Revision – Business Services

  • Changes will take place on July 1, 2018 to meet the guidelines of federal grants.
  • Need to be sure administrators understand this process.
  • The evaluation process on agenda items have been tightened up to ensure we are tracking the and will not go over the threshold.

Policy #6320.03 – Apprentices – New – Business Services

  • Concern regarding the financial impact. Doesn’t think there would be any financial impact. We are emphasizing that contractors consider hiring the apprentices.
  • The idea of 20 percent makes contractors nervous. This percentage could cause a problem withjobs being filled
  • After much discussion this policy was pulled from consideration during this cycle.

Policy #6460 – Vendor Relations - Revision – Business Services

  • Board reached a consensus to changing the word "may” to "shall” if the statute allows.
  • The word "may” was chosen to be consistent with the conflict of interest policy.
  • This also pertains to the Board in theform of an ethics violation if a complaint is filed.
  • Progressive discipline should be added, with disciplinary actions.

Policy #7320 Acquisition, Removal, Disposal, Sale, or Exchange of Property Revision Administration

  • Remove section entitled School – Naming and Renaming it’s confusing to have this section in within this policy.
  • This section has not been followed by the Board in the past.
  • Rename policy #7250, School - Naming and Renaming, remove from policy #7320.

Policy #7530 – Lending of Board-Owned Equipment – Revision – Information Technology

  • We do not want our information mishandled. Auditors noted we were not exercising caution when loaning equipment. We will follow-up with training.

Policy #8390 – Animals on District Property – Revision – Educational Access, Opportunity, and Alternatives

  • Letter was sent to principal, for students and staff with guidance.
  • Our role is implement in a public space. We are obligated to help those in need of the animal as wellas those with allergies against those animals.
  • Within this policy is a process, which we have in place.

Member Griffin brought up a brief conversation regarding the Dress Code Policy. This policy is veryvague, indicating we need to teach our student to dress professionally. Today’s times call for equity across the district, suggesting we hold aworkshop to discuss this.

With no further discussion the workshop adjourned at 11:28 a.m. (Audio recording on file.

HCPS publishes minutes of School Board meetings after Board approval. Although the online minutes do not include signatures, citizens may arrange to review the official documents by completing a public records request with the Communications Department.

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