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School Board

HCPS publishes minutes of School Board meetings after Board approval. Although the online minutes do not include signatures, citizens may arrange to review the official documents by completing a public records request with the Communications Department.

901 E. Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa
Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida, met in regular session Tuesday, May 19, 2015, at 3 p.m., in the School Board Auditorium, 901 East Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, with Acting Superintendent Jeff Eakins, and Board Members Doretha W. Edgecomb, April Griffin, Sally Harris, Carol Kurdell, Cindy Stuart, and Susan Valdes present. Chair S. Valdes presided.

Absent: Melissa Snively

Others present were:

Board Attorney – James Porter

Deputy Superintendent: vacant

Assistant Superintendents/Division Chiefs:
     Academic Support and Federal Programs –Larry Sykes
     Administration – Lewis Brinson
     Business – Gretchen Saunders
     Curriculum and Instruction – Denny Oest - absent (Barbara Hancock)
     Facilities – Chris Farkas
     Governmental Relations – Connie Milito
     Human Resources – Stephanie Woodford
     Information and Technology/Empowering Effective Teachers Grant – Anna Brown
     Student Services – Wynne Tye

Communications Officer – Stephen Hegarty
External Communications Manager – Tanya Arja
External Communications Assistant Manager – Kristin Davis
Senior Administrative Secretary (Recording) – Linda Fernandez

News Media Representatives:
     Tampa Bay Times – Marlene Sokol
     Tampa Tribune – Erin Kourkounis
     Camera Crews – BayNews 9, Fox 13

Approximately 75 people were in the audience, including other school district personnel.

Call to Order: meeting called to order at 3:01 p.m.

Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance: Moment of silence followed by Vice Chair Edgecomb leading in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.

Withdrawn Items – 4.05 and 4.06

Adoption of the Agenda:

Motion by Mrs. Stuart, second by Mrs. Griffin, to adopt the agenda. Motion unanimously carried.

Board – Roll Call: Chair S. Valdes declared a quorum with six Board Members present. Mrs. Snively absent.

Approval of Minutes

Motion by Mrs. Stuart, second by Ms. Edgecomb, to approve the following:
     May 5, 2015 – School Board Meeting
     May 7, 2015 – Termination Hearing – Adams Reynolds
     May 12, 2015 – Termination Hearing Continuation – Adam Reynolds
     May 12, 2015 – School Board Recognition Meeting
Motion unanimously carried.

Board Guidelines

Vice Chair Edgecomb read the guidelines into the record.

Chair S. Valdes recognized the String Ensemble from Orange Grove Middle Magnet School under the direction of Karen Pfister. Students gave their name and grade.

Heather Morey                Zoe Gallagher                Mary Beth Faulkner Gabrielle Marshall                Alex Lee                Jonathon Murphy

Speakers to Agenda Items

Speaker Item No.
Mark Klutho 6.19, 7.05, 7.07, and Audience Comments
Crystal Wilson Audience Comments
Brittany McNaughton Audience Comments
Chloe Murphy Academy Charter School
Ted Hamilton Blake High School

Chair S. Valdes said we were asked to research the Brittney Overstreet charges.  The district does not have the authority to dismiss the charges.  Ms. Edgecomb clarified for the speaker that there is one black woman on this board.  Mrs. Griffin stated that all seven women on this board care.

Mrs. Kurdell asked the superintendent to take a look at Blake High School regarding the statistics on IB and Traditional.  Mrs. Griffin said magnet and IB programs house two schools under one roof.  Superintendent Eakins referred to GradNation where the students addressed this same issue and Blake High School students put some options in place to bring them together as one with positive solutions.

Suspended Agenda


Suspended Agenda

Jeff Eakins highlighted the suspended agenda.

  • The workshop regarding the African-American Hispanic Task Force did not take place due to a termination hearing.  It has been rescheduled.
  • Transportation Improvement Plan meeting is scheduled for June.  Mr. Farkas will provide an update at that time.
  • We are closing out a couple of items that will be removed on the next posting.

Teaching and Learning


Hands-Only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)—Impacting Students in Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) and the Hillsborough County Community (Curriculum and Instruction Division)

Steve Vanoer, Supervisor, K-12 Physical Education and Health, made brief comments on the five year journey to implement Hands-Only CPR.  He introduced:  Dr. Gul Dadlani, Cardiologist, All Children’s Hospital and American Heart Association Tampa Bay Metro Board President-Elect and Nacole Revette, Public Relations Officer, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.  Officer Revette, highlighted the training offered to our citizens.  Mr. Vanoer recognized Dennis Jones, Hillsborough County Fire Chief and Tammy Zurla, Hillsborough County Fire Marshall who were also present.

Comments by April Griffin, Doretha Edgecomb, Carol Kurdell, and Sally Harris.

Proclamations None

Administrative Appointments


Approve the Administrative Appointment of Manager, IT Business Solutions (Information and Technology)

Motion by Ms. Edgecomb, second by Mrs. Kurdell, to appoint Ken Bazick, currently, IT Architecture and Integration Department Manager to the Manager, IT Business Solutions, effective May 25, 2015.  Motion unanimously carried.


Approve the Administrative Appointment of Manager, IT Web Applications and Data Analytics (Information and Technology)

Motion by Mrs. Kurdell, second by Ms. Edgecomb, to appoint Teri Russell, currently Senior Systems Analyst, Acting Department Manager for IT Department, to the IT Web Applications and Data Analytics, effective May 25, 2015.  Motion unanimously carried.  Dave Smith, long time employee, father was recognized.

Recommendations and Reports of Superintendent Requiring Board Approval

Motion by Mrs. Stuart, second by Mrs. Griffin, to vote on the consent agenda with the following items pulled for discussion.  These items will be voted on all together at the end of discussion.

6.15 and 6.18

Motion unanimously carried.

1.00 Curriculum and Instruction Division (Denny Oest)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


Approve the Second Amendment to the Memorandum of Agreement with Polk County Public Schools and the Memorandum of Agreement with the University of South Florida for Services Associated with the Implementation of the Math/Science Partnership Grant Project: Accelerating Maximum Potential in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics



2.00 Instructional Support (Wynne Tye)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


3.00 Student Services and Federal Programs Division (Larry Sykes)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None



4.00 Human Resources Division (Stephanie Woodford)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


Approve Personnel List #1039—Instructional


Approve Administrative Appointments/Transfers

  • Stacy Wrenn, currently Coordinator, Project Climate, Student Services, to the Coordinator, Professional Development Title I, Academic Support and Federal Programs, effective May 25, 2015
  • Corries Culpepper, currently a District Resource Teacher, Transportation, to the Administration Manager, Transportation, effective May 25, 2015
  • Adam Gadnis, currently a Teacher at Plant High School, to the Coordinator, Assessment EET, Assessment and Accountability, effective June 9, 2015


Approve Personnel List #895—Instructional Support


Approve Teachers Considered Out of Field—Subject Area and English Language Learners


Approve Disciplinary Action—Instructional (if any) WITHDRAWN


Approve Disciplinary Action—Instructional Support (if any) WITHDRAWN



5.00 Information and Technology Division (Anna Brown)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None



6.00 Business Division (Gretchen Saunders)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


Approve Cooperative Agreement with The Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc. (Student Services Division)


Approve the Agreement for Technical Services with the C. E. Mendez Foundation, Inc. to Provide Professional Development to School-Based Staff in School Climate Transformation Year One Schools Utilizing the Too Good For Drugs and Too Good For Violence Curricula (Student Services Division)


Approve Cooperative Agreement with Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (Student Services Division)


Approve Cooperative Agreement with G4S Youth Services, LLC (Student Services Division)


Approve Cooperative Agreement with the Agency for Community Treatment Services, Inc. (Student Services Division)


Approve Contract with PACE Center for Girls—Hillsborough (Student Services Division)


Approve Renewal of Agreement for Technical Services with Keyboard Consultants for Florida Standards Assessment Services Provided to Visually Impaired (Student Services Division)


Accept the Proposal Submitted by Peninsular Paper Company—Request for Proposal #15021-DST Paper Products for Student Nutrition Services (Business Division)


Approve Payroll Schedules for 2015/2016 Fiscal Year (Business Division)


Approve Amendment #2 of the Contract #SDHC-SR1415 Between the Hillsborough County School Readiness Coalition, Inc., D/B/A the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County and The School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida (Academic Support and Federal Programs Division)


Approve the First Amendment of the Agreement for Technical Services with The New Teacher Project (Human Resources Division)


Approve Contract with Drug Abuse Comprehensive Coordinating Office, Inc. (Student Services Division)


Approve the Agreement for Technical Services with Hammerhead Steel Drums LLC for the Extended Learning Academies at Edison and Potter Elementary Schools and McLane and Sligh Middle Schools (Curriculum and Instruction Division)


Approve the Agreement for Technical Services with Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc., for Services Associated with the Social Emotional Learning Community Building Sessions (Curriculum and Instruction Division)

Becky Kaskeski, Instructional Leadership Director, highlighted the item at the request of Ms. Edgecomb and Mrs. Stuart.  She introduced Jessica Muroff, CEO of Frameworks, who gave statistics on the four schools they currently served.  Ms. Edgecomb, Mrs. Stuart, and Mrs. Griffin made comments. 


Approve the Contract Between All American Tracks Corporation (Single-Source Provider) and Hillsborough County Public Schools for the Preventive Maintenance of Polyurethane and Rubber Coatings for Running Tracks (Business Division)


Approve the Interlocal Agreement Between Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and The School Board of Hillsborough County, Florida, Hillsborough Out-of-School Time Program (Academic Support and Federal Programs Division)


Approve the Memorandum of Agreement Between SERVE Volunteers in Education, Inc., and the Hillsborough County Public Schools Out-of-School Time Program (Academic Support and Federal Programs Division)

Debbie Zenk, Supervisor, HOST, highlighted the item at the request of Mrs. Stuart.  She recognized Debra Blossom, Executive Director of SERVE.


Approve the Agreement for Technical Services with Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute (Administration Division)


Accept the Lowest, Responsive, Responsible Bids Submitted by Multiple Vendors—Invitation to Bid #15016-DST Antifreeze, Petroleum Products, and Motor Oil Disposal Service (Business Division)


Accept the Proposal Submitted by Aegis Identity Software, Inc.—Request for Proposal #15049-DST Enterprise Password Management Solution (Business Division)


Accept the Amendment to Microsoft Agreement #1C36098 and Approve the Purchase of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services from Dell Marketing L.P. (Information and Technology Division)


Approve Budget Amendments for the Period Ended April 30, 2015 (Business Division)



7.00 Facilities Division (Chris Farkas)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


Approve the Piggyback Between Florida State University ITB-FAC-131384 and Infrared Concepts Corporation to be Utilized for Thermal Mapping and Surveying


Approve Award of Contract for Exterior Painting at Four Sites (James, Randall, Riverhills and Webb)


Approve Construction Documents and Guaranteed Maximum Price for Exterior Painting and Building Envelope Renovations at Four Sites (Corr, Collins, Folsom and Valrico Elementary Schools)


Approve Acceptance of Project for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Renovation at Hunter's Green Elementary School


Approve the Job Description and Increase the Salary Level of the Transportation Fleet Manager


Approve Resolution for Impact Fee Fund Disbursement from the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners for Construction, Construction Management and Design for an Addition of 20 Classrooms at Alonso and Newsome High Schools and Approve Resolution Amending the Prior Impact Fee Fund Disbursement for Middle School "TT" from the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners



8.00 Administration Division (Lewis A. Brinson)


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


Approve the Recommendations for Change of Placement of Regular Students


Approve the Recommendations for Change of Placement of Exceptional Student Education Students


Approve Out-of-County/Out-of-State and Overnight In-County Student Field Trips


Approve Waiver of Rental Fees


Approve 2015/2017 Preparing New Principals Interns



9.00 Unclassified


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


Approve Citizen Member Appointment to the Value Adjustment Board (VAB)

Motion by Mrs. Griffin, second by Mrs. Stuart, to vote on the items pulled from the consent agenda.  Motion unanimously carried.

10.00 Information


Request for Authorization to Proceed – None


Monthly Financial Position Reports as of April 30, 2015 (Business Division)


Audit Report of the District’s Self-Insurance Program (District Auditing Office)


Approved School Activity Requests for January 1, 2015—March 31, 2015 (Business Division)

Scheduled Hearings on Policies and/or Business Items - None

Other Business and Board Comments

Comments by the following board members.

Mrs. Stuart, Ms. Edgecomb, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Kurdell, and Chair S. Valdes made comments on events they attended.

Motion Mrs. Stuart, second by Mrs. Griffin, to direct the superintendent to bring back an information item on how to seat a non-voting, student school board member.  Friendly amendment by Mrs. Griffin and accepted by Mrs. Stuart, to have a workshop on
September 1, 2015 for board discussion. 
Motion unanimously carried.


  • Have a workshop so the board can discuss with the Superintendent and staff on how a student representative on the school board would look. 
  • Would we seat a student and an alternate?
  • Chair S. Valdes discussed the workshop schedule. 
  • Need to engage the Supervisor of Elections Office.  They have been contacted and have stated that they could not do something like this in a presidential election year.
  • Get data from other districts that have a seated student school board member.
  • Research has been done by Mrs. Stuart and Jim Porter that they can share.
  • This could come as an information agenda item for discussion at a regular board meeting?
  • What would be the term of office? 
  • How would the selection be made?  
  • How has this been effective in other districts? 
  • What have been the challenges? 
  • What would be the cautions as we consider?
  • Each board member should have a student representative. We would have a representative from each district and they would vote on one representative.
  • ring an agenda to the July 14, 2015 meeting.

Chair S. ValdesCongratulated April Griffin on receiving her degree in Organizational Studies.

Superintendent’s Comments

  • Congratulated Mrs. Griffin on her degree in organizational studies and said she is setting the tone for our students.
  • He thanked the board for their approval today of the cooperative agreements that offer different supports for all our students.
  • Special Legislative Session to discuss the state budget will be held in June.  It is important to keep our ears close to the ground and be pro-active.  Previously we heard that we would be receiving additional funds, however, the new monies may be shifting.
  • Before the board meeting this afternoon we held a press conference addressing the issues around the End of Course Exams (EOC) for Algebra I and 2, and Geometry.  These EOCs normally count for 30 percent of the final grade for students.  The results from the state will not be available until mid-September and our students will have three options.
    1. Using the classroom grade with no required test. Average the grade from the two nine-week period.
    2. Chose to take the district’s final exam.  This is now optional and not required.  The EOC in combination with the classroom grade.  This option can be used if the student earns a higher grade.
    3. They can use the EOC score if it benefits the student.  
      We will select the most advantageous for our students.

Mrs. Griffin questioned if Charter Schools are receiving the same information.  Superintendent Eakins said Jenna Hodgens is facilitating the information to the charter schools and we have given them the options.

  • The first phase of the reorganization structure for senior staff will come to the June 9, 2015 board meeting.  A few appointments will come forward on that date and the effective date will be July 1, 2015.  The second phase is scheduled to come to the June 23, 2015 school board meeting.
  • Kristina Chowning, Success Coach, Robinson High School was the "We Deliver Award” recipient.  She was presented with a $10,000 check.
  • He recognized the following for their partnership, leadership, and exemplary work:
    • Robert Giles - sponsor of Heart of Champions Banquet
    • Kelly Zunkiewicz - Lennard High School Calculus instructor
    • Dana Warner – DooDads Competition
    • Debra Blossom and MaryLou Whaley – Parent Involvement SERVE Awards 
    • Dr. Peter Bath, Vice President for Missions, Florida Hospital Tampa Bay Division, who supports our schools
    • Thanked Chair S. Valdes for recognizing recent retirees and thanked them for their years of service.
    • Staff and leaders who work so diligently in preparing for graduation services
  • At the Teacher Recruitment Day we hired 109 teachers for next year. 

Mrs. Griffin - Newsome Girls Softball team won the state championship.

Adjournmentwith no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:04 p.m.  (Audio recording on file.)

HCPS publishes minutes of School Board meetings after Board approval. Although the online minutes do not include signatures, citizens may arrange to review the official documents by completing a public records request with the Communications Department.

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