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Professional Standards

Professional Standards

Overseeing Internal Affairs

Professional Standards is a department within the Division of Human Resources. The department is comprised of a General Manager, Manager, Department Manager, Investigative Manager, Senior Investigator, and has 5 commissioned retired law enforcement officers who have served with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department and/or the Tampa Police Department.

Professional Standards facilitates the following functions:

  • Internal Investigations pertaining to complaints filed against employees.
  • All Law enforcement and CPI investigations against employees, volunteers, interns and JLA contractors/vendors.
  • Clears the background screening for all employees and volunteers.
  • Facilitates the fingerprinting process for all employees, volunteers, interns, and the Jessica Lunsford Act pertaining to contractors/vendors.
  • Manages the arrest information for all employees, volunteers, contractors/vendors, and interns.
  • Facilitates the Due process for all employees covered under the CTA contract, all employees under the ESP contract, and all employees under the HSEF contract, and all non-represented employees.
  • Facilitates the Disciplinary action taken against employees who engage in misconduct.
  • Facilitates the “Whistle Blower” policy, procedures, and eligible investigations on behalf of the Superintendent.

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