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Employee Benefits/Insurance

Employee Benefits/Insurance

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Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) sponsors an exciting benefits package that is comprehensive for eligible employees and their families. The Employee Benefits Department within the Human Resources Division is responsible for the administration of the insurance plans and employee support programs so that its teachers and staff can focus their efforts on the district’s mission: preparing students for life!

This site will provide you with an overview of the health program and voluntary plan options available as well as retirement planning tools and support.

Medical Insurance:
The Coverage 1st Local plan, employee only coverage, is offered at no premium cost to the employee! It includes the Humana Rx 4 prescription drug benefit program as well as Humana’s Doctor on Demand, the 24 hour live video conferencing program with a doctor using your mobile device or computer, available from the comfort of your home. Dependent coverage is also available, and the district makes a premium contribution toward the cost each pay period.

Don’t need the coverage?
Eligible employees can opt out of medical coverage and earn flexible spending credit for the calendar year that can be used to purchase other voluntary pre-tax benefits, such as Dental, Vision, Hospital GAP, Short/Long Term Disability (Income Protection). Unused opt-out credit is automatically deposited into a Medical Expense Flexible Spending Account (MEFSA) that can be utilized to reimburse IRS approved medical expenses for the household.

Expert Medical Opinion Program (Advance Medical)
Employees and their covered dependents enrolled in a district Humana medical plan can access expert medical advice from around the world regarding a medical condition, diagnosis or treatment plan. A case manager will discuss the specific medical situation with the member and gather the medical records. A team of experts will review and consult. A doctor will personally review findings and recommendations with the member.

Basic Life Insurance:
Eligible employees receive 1X their annual salary (rounded to the next $1,000) in Term Life insurance paid for by the district! Additional amounts of life insurance are available to employees at their cost, up to 3X salary, as well as spouse and child life insurance.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D):
Eligible employees receive 1X their annual salary (rounded to the next $1,000) in AD&D coverage paid for by the district. This benefit applies if death results due to a covered accident. There is a Career Adjustment Benefit for surviving spouses, a Child Care Benefit for up to 36 months, a Higher Education Benefit that covers tuition expenses for up to four consecutive years for children who will be or are currently attending college (within 12 months of death event), and a Seat Belt and Repatriation Benefit.

Wellbeing 4U
The wellbeing program is designed to provide education and opportunities for every employee and their household family members in four areas: physical, emotional, financial and social. See the following sub topics for more:

A personalized wellness and rewards program! Participate in education, prevention, healthy living and fitness activities at your pace and earn ‘Bucks’ you can use in the Go365 Mall. Plus, win a prize in monthly drawings.


  • Wellbeing Newsletters: exciting news about employee wellbeing, events and opportunities across the District!

Aetna Resources for Living – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Every employee and each member of their household receives this benefit sponsored by the district! Included are Worklife Balance Services (such as child care, parenting, home repair, caregiving support needs, etc.), Financial Services, Legal, Counseling and Relationship Support, Web-based Resources and more!

Medical Insurance:
In total, there are five, rich and comprehensive Humana medical plans from which employees may choose. Four of the plans include the Humana Rx 4 prescription drug benefit program. Humana’s Doctor on Demand, the 24 hour live video conferencing program with a doctor using your mobile device or computer, is also available from the comfort of your home or wherever you are! Dependent coverage is available at a shared cost; the district makes a premium contribution toward the cost each pay period.

Florida Retirement System (FRS)
Hillsborough County Public Schools participates in the FRS Plan, which offers eligible employees the option of electing a Pension Plan (state managed) or Investment plan (self-managed). HCPS contributes its employer share per state statute and the employee contributes his/her share on a pre-tax basis per state statute.

Income Protection – Short Term Disability
This benefit provides an income source for eligible employees who experience an accident, illness or disability that leaves them unable to work for up to 26 weeks. Benefit payments are made weekly.

Income Protection - Long Term Disability
This protection provides an income source for eligible employees who experience an accident, illness or disability that leaves them unable to work for longer than 180 days. There are three levels to pick from: Standard, Maximum or Maximum Plus. Benefit payments are made monthly, and there is an Assisted Living Benefit if two or more of the six activities of daily living or a severe cognitive impairment occurs.

Employees can choose one of three available dental plans to promote overall good health: DHMO (requires an in-network Primary Care Dentist), Advantage Plus (requires an in-network provider) or Traditional Preferred (no in-network dentist required).

Vision Benefit Rider
Comprehensive eye health care with materials allowances and low fees for in-network Lasik providers.

Supplemental Life Insurance, Spouse and Child Dependent Life Insurance
Employees can enhance their Board-paid basic life and AD&D insurance and cover their spouse and child/ren.

Accident Insurance
Coverage for coinsurance or co-pay costs, deductibles, as well as certain living expenses like mortgage, rent, car payments, etc.

Critical Illness Insurance
Provides a lump sum payment that can protect finances when conditions like heart attack, stroke, and some forms of cancer strike.

Hospital GAP
Reimbursement plan for inpatient and outpatient expenses up to the plan maximum, as well as certain out of pocket medical expenses. Rates are based on the employee’s age at the time they enroll and won’t increase. Two plan maximums available: $2,000 or $2,500.

Medical Flexible Spending Account (Employee Elected)
Save payroll taxes with pretax payroll deductions that fund an IRS approved reimbursement account for certain household medical expenses.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
Pretax payroll deductions reimbursable through the IRS approved account for costs incurred for child, adult and/or elder dependent care that enables you and your spouse to work or seek employment.

Tax Shelter Accounts Program
Supplement your retirement with payroll deductions to tax deferred investment accounts such as 403(b), 403(b) Roth, 457 and 457 Roth products. These are provided by five authorized investment plan vendors: AIG/VALIC, Equitable, Horace Mann, Lincoln Investments/WestCoast Financial, and Suncoast Credit Union. Select agents to interview from an approved list and learn about investment products before you select the one that’s right for you.

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