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Assessment and Accountability

Assessment and Accountability

Data to Support Teachers and Instruction

The placement of the Department of Assessment and Accountability in the Division of Teaching and Learning promotes a closer tie between instruction and technology. The department is responsible for:

  • managing all state and district required assessments
  • advising personnel about the interpretation and appropriate use of assessment results
  • developing district-wide assessments used to monitor student achievement
  • data is used to support the teacher evaluation process.

The Office of Assessment is responsible for providing information and analyzing data from the state and county assessments to district schools. We train administrators and educators the nuances and uses of school data in order for them to make informed decisions regarding issues of curriculum and program development and implementation for the purpose of increased student achievement. The Office of Assessment creates reports for district and school personnel in order to disseminate student testing data. Also, the Office of Assessment works to coordinate district and state testing across all grade levels.

2019-2020 K-12 Testing Schedule

Achievement data are analyzed to improve district-developed examinations and to identify curriculum strengths and areas of improvement. Data for school improvement planning purposes are provided as well as for other district initiatives. Data collection and analysis for the TEV and TIF merit pay programs are the responsibility of the Office of Data Analysis. For more information, contact our office at (813) 272-4341 or by email.

The Horatio Assessment Office houses the HCPS Test Development Center - responsible district assessments including Achievement Series.

Please call the Horatio Test Development Center at 813-463-4600 for assistance.

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