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Elementary Physical Education

Elementary Physical Education

Suggested Guidelines for Outdoor Activity Weather Conditions

The 2006 Legislature passed Senate Bill 772 which included legislative changes relating to sun-protection wear and physical education. Section 1001.43, Florida Statutes amended the Student Management section to allow students to wear sunglasses, hats, or other sun-protection wear while outdoors during school hours, such as when students are at physical education. There may be situations or activities where wearing sunglasses, hats and other sun-protection wear are appropriate.

Please be extremely mindful of the temperature, heat index, wind chill index and hazardous weather conditions. Decisions concerning the instruction of outdoor physical education are to be made on an individual site-by-site basis by the site administrator, the physical education department, and the classroom teacher. Listed below are examples of options that administrators and teachers may take to address inclement weather conditions.

  • Modify lessons to accommodate weather conditions.
  • Implement “Rainy Day” or indoor physical activity lessons.
  • Encourage student to drink water before, during, and after engaging in outdoor physical activity.
  • Encourage students to bring “plastic” water bottles to outdoor physical activity.
  • Encourage students to dress appropriately when engaging in outdoor physical activity.
    1. Wear light colored, short-sleeved shirts and shorts when conditions are hot.
    2. Wear jackets or long-sleeved shirts and pants when conditions are cold.
  • When appropriate, encourage students to wear sunglasses, hats, or other sun-protection wear while outdoor.
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