The state has directed all school districts in Florida to keep schools closed through the end of the school year due to concerns over the coronavirus.  More information is available on our Coronavirus Information page.

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Standard 3 Evidences

Standard Evidences

Indicator 3.2
Curriculum, instruction, and assessment throughout the system are monitored and adjusted systematically in response to data from multiple assessments of student learning and an examination of professional practice. (3)

Middle school math pacing guide Algebra pacing guide
FLDOE Assessment Schedule HCPS testing Calendar

Indicator 3.3
Teachers throughout the district engage students in their learning through instructional strategies that ensure achievement of learning expectations (3)

EET Rubric Domain 3 EET Data on Domain 3
Copy of an LDC district wide lesson/unit Lesson plan from CTE
Copy of SB math lesson

Indicator 3.4
System and school leaders monitor and support the improvement of instructional practices of teachers to ensure student success. (3)

EET Rubric EET Data
Classroom observation Summary

Indicator 3.5
The system operates as a collaborative learning organization through structures that support improved instruction and student learning at all levels. (3)

Copy of agenda at Principals’ Meeting Board agenda item approving early release Mondays
Copy of agenda at SAL meetings Example of school’s PLC agenda
Calendar of district wide meetings

Indicator 3.6
Teachers implement the system's instructional process in support of student learning.

Walk through forms Edsby teacher user data
EdConnect user data Achievement Series user data

Indicator 3.7
Mentoring, coaching, and induction programs support instructional improvement consistent with the system's values and beliefs about teaching and learning. (4)

NTO Agenda NTO attendance numbers
Teacher induction program

Indicator 3.8
The system and all of its schools engage families in meaningful ways in their children's education and keep them informed of their children's learning progress (4)

Strategic Plan Core Values Parent involvement opportunities
Community Involvement Commitment MySpot Video
Example of SCIP data Parent resource guide-English/Spanish
MySpot dashboard Superintendent’s standards Information Meetings for parents- video

Indicator 3.9
The system designs and evaluates structures in all schools whereby each student is well known by at least one adult advocate in the student's school who supports that student's educational experience. (2)

Guidance plan brochure Example of SCIP data

Indicator 3.10
Grading and reporting are based on clearly defined criteria that represent the attainment of content knowledge and skills and are consistent across grade levels and courses (3)

Student Handbook Edsby
Student progression plans

Indicator 3.11
All staff members participate in a continuous program of professional learning. (3)

Strategic Plan SIP Plans
PDS system EET Rubric Component to Professional Dev. Video

Indicator 3.12
The system and its schools provide and coordinate learning support services to meet the unique learning needs of students. (3)

Guidance support services Example of SCIP data
PDS Course List RtI/MTSS System of to ensure quality instruction for all students

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