The state has directed all school districts in Florida to keep schools closed through the end of the school year due to concerns over the coronavirus.  More information is available on our Coronavirus Information page.

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Standard 5 Evidences

Standard Evidences

Indicator 5.1
The system establishes and maintains a clearly defined and comprehensive student assessment system. (3)

Pupil progression plan The Dashboard Overview
K-12 Test Calendar SB 00003 ExamGuideline
Test security communication PLC Data Use
Test administration protocol Keep Calm and SIP On

Indicator 5.2
Professional and support staff continuously collect, analyze and apply learning from a range of data sources, including comparison and trend data about student learning, instruction, program evaluation and organizational conditions that support learning.(4)

RTTT Hard to Measure assessment development Agenda Item Banking Platform purchase
Dashboard technology architecture Overview of dashboard
Ed Connect Portal Tell Data Slide
Ed Connect student data list

Indicator 5.3
Throughout the system professional and support staff are trained in the interpretation and use of data. (4)

Annual data training Power point Data coach job description
Principals meeting data agenda 2014 Annual Data Training Template

Indicator 5.4
The school system engages in a continuous process to determine verifiable improvement in student learning, including readiness for and success at the next level. (3)

Analysis statement GAPII

Indicator 5.5
System and school leaders monitor and communicate comprehensive information about student learning, school performance and the achievement of system and school improvement goals to stakeholders. (4)

Web Links to Survey results District Personnel Access to Comprehensive Data
Comprehensive Reading Plan District Annual Report
District Improvement and Assistance Plan Student Performance Data
Learning Management system Survey Results Public Access

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