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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Vendor Payments

The AP Department is responsible for payment of goods and services not purchased on a district PCard or through school's internal accounts. The majority of these payments are preceded by a purchase order issued to the vendor. The purchase order terms and conditions indicate the payment terms and processes for submitting invoices.

The purchase order is also the contract for payment and invoices are required to match the purchase order or be approved by the procurement department. Pricing, quantity, and shipping differences should be resolved with the ordering location and the Procurement Department prior to delivery of goods or services.

The invoice submittal and payment process differs for construction projects and are managed through the Facilities Division. Information for these projects can be obtained by contacting the Facilities Division at 813-272-4115.

Invoice Requirements
The HCPS purchase order number, unique invoice number, and invoice date must be included on all invoices.  Invoices must refer to one purchase order only.

Invoices should include as much billing detail as possible (e.g., HCPS item number, vendor item number, item description, unit price, quantity shipped, etc).  Each detail line should have an extended amount.  The invoice should be sub-totaled before freight and handling charges and include an overall total.

Submitting Invoices
Invoices should not be submitted before goods have been shipped or services rendered.  For payment processing, all invoices must be sent directly to the Accounts Payable Department US Mail.  Invoices sent to a different address will not be processed.  Invoices included with shipments or left at school/administrative sites are treated as packing slips and will not be processed.

Mailing Address

Hillsborough County Public Schools
Attn: Accounts Payable Department
PO Box 3408
Tampa. FL 33601

Electronic and Summary Invoices
HCPS can process invoices sent on an Excel spreadsheet or summary invoices.  For approval, appropriate information must be forwarded to the initiating site.

Payment Terms
The payment system is set up to accommodate multiple vendor payment terms including cash discounts offered for prompt payment. Contact the Accounts Payable Department to discuss shorter payment terms. Due dates begin calculating when the invoice is received in the Accounts Payable Department.  However, payment terms for vendors who continually submit invoices prior to shipment or completeion of service will be set to begin calculating the due date based on the last receipt (approval) date assigned by the end-user department.

Whenever possible, the accounts payable department attempts to take advantage of prompt-payment discounts.

Standard Payment Terms

SBE Vendors N14 E-Payables N21
Construction N25 Standard N45
Payment Methods
Currently HCPS offers payments in the form of a paper check or through the E-Payables program.  
The E-Payables program assigns a one-time use credit card number to a payment record that is emailed to the vendor for processing.  The program allows HCPS to pay vendors via a credit card and turn around vendor payments in a shorter time frame.  Our E-Payables vendor, Solvit Software, maintains a help desk to support our vendors.  The helpdesk number is 866-539-3191.  Contact the procurement department at 813-272-4351 to register for the E-Payables program.

Direct Deposit (ACH) payments are available to vendors registered with the HCPS Office of Supplier Diversity and employees.

Payment Processing
Payments are processed daily for the E-Payables program and weekly, typically on Thursday, for all other payment types.  Invoices received in the Accounts Payable Department by noon on Monday are entered into the payment system prior to the Thursday check write.  Approved invoices will pay in accordance to the vendor’s payment terms on the purchase order.  Click here to see the current Payment Schedule for accurate due dates, pay through dates, and check write dates.

Invoice Status
Friendly, accurate, and timely customer service is very important to the Accounts Payable Department.  To expedite the resolution of issues we provide a Vendor Invoice Status Report (VISR) to vendors who request to be included.  The report is emailed weekly and includes invoices paid in the last seven days, invoices released for payment, and the circumstance causing all other invoices to remain unreleased.  To request a report email

The Vendor Invoice Status Report is the first point-of-contact for invoice inquiries.  Additional assistance may be obtained by contacting the appropriate Accounts Payable Reconciling Account Representative.  When contacting the Accounts Payable Department by telephone or email, please provide the invoice number, purchase order number and page number from the most recent VISR email.

Click here to view a sample of the Vendor Invoice Status Report.

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