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Realizing Exceptional Achievements at a Community Hospital

Realizing Exceptional Achievements at a Community Hospital

How to Apply

Application Process for Entry into the REACH Program

  • Call (813-243-7059) or email REACH to set up an appointment to visit. Visits are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:45am.

  • Get an application and 2 Student Inquiry forms during the visit.

  • Fill out application and give the 2 Student Inquiry forms to teachers who know you well.

  • Give completed application to your Case Manager or ESE Specialist at your school. They will put the application and the 2 completed Student Inquiry forms in the manila envelope that is provided and then put the packet into school mail to REACH.

  • When REACH receives your application and Student Inquiry forms, you will receive a phone call. Applications will be date stamped on the date REACH receives it.

  • Several times a year, when there is an opening, REACH conducts screenings of the candidates whose applications have been received. After the screening, the applicants get a letter in the mail letting them know if they passed the screening and when their start date will occur.
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