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Military Families

Military Families

Federal Impact Aid Flyer

Our schools in Hillsborough County are heavily impacted with federally-connected students – those whose parents/guardians work or live on federal property in Florida and/or who are active duty military personnel. Because of this impact, Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) receives Impact Aid funds from the federal government to operate and maintain our schools and enrich school programs. The State of Florida provides additional funding based on our Impact Aid allocation.

To receive these funds, the U.S. Department of Education requires HCPS to survey each student and determine how many of its parents or guardians are:

  • in the military – active duty, foreign military officers, or reservist on Presidential orders;
  • live on federal property or at a low-rent housing community;
  • civilians working on federal property – Examples of federal property include federal buildings and courthouses, VA Hospitals, Veterans Administration and locations on MacDill Air Force Base, including all offices, stores, restaurants/food courts, construction projects, and Tinker Elementary School. Employment can be government or contracted, as long as the parent works on federal property on the survey date.

Survey forms are being distributed to students on September 15, 2016. Your cooperation in returning this form completed and signed will be greatly appreciated. The more forms returned, the greater the amount of funds available to our schools for your child’s education.

Please be assured that all information collected is confidential and used only for the stated purpose. The Impact Aid Grant application provides only collective information on the numbers and locations of federally-connected students attending our schools.

If you have any questions, please call Verna Hurley-Long at (813) 272-4379 or email

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