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Office of Diversity

Office of Diversity

Together in diversity.

HCPS promotes a welcoming and supportive environment that celebrates and values diversity and respect for all students and its employees.


HCPS is committed to preparing students for life by offering equal and equitable educational opportunities and activities for all students. Instructional materials and programs will ascertain the contributions from a variety of resources to include various cultures, races, ethnic groups, and genders. High quality diversity training will equip staff to better meet the needs of diverse learners.




Through conversations and engagement with district leader’s faculty, staff, students and community partners, the Office of Diversity developed 2016-2017 goals and strategies for moving Hillsborough County Public Schools toward its goal of inclusive excellence.

Student Learning

  • Collaborate with district divisions to help reduce the number of suspensions by school demographics.
  • Partner with leaders of district divisions and community agencies to help increase the graduation rate of all students, including African-American and Hispanic students.

Talent Management

  • Improve diversity in district/school staff by assisting with recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Assist the Office of Compliance on issues concerning fairness and equity in education and the workplace.

Culture & Relationships

  • Provide diversity, equity, and inclusion training to district and school leadership to enhance services to students.

Internal Process and Financials

  • Work with the Office of Supplier Diversity in providing relevant training to registered Small Business Enterprises, including women and minority owned businesses.
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