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Partnership Engagement & Philanthropy

Partnership Engagement & Philanthropy

Business Partnership Continuum

Community Partnerships in Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS)

HCPS recognizes that the district cannot work in isolation. External partners are critical to helping the district address our Strategic Priorities and realize our vision of Preparing Students for Life. Individual schools may also interact with our partners to enhance and improve the quality of education for our students, strengthen the parent-school relationships, encourage parent involvement, promote student equality, and help achieve the highest level of success within and outside the classroom.

Depending upon the nature of the relationship with an external agency, there are various options available to formalize these commitments, as outlined in the table below. Mary Lou Whaley, the district’s Director of Community Partnerships, has been designated by the Superintendent as the district liaison for all partnership agreements initiated by school or district personnel. Prior to engaging in any of the relationships with external partners that are outlined below, please contact Mary Lou Whaley at or (813) 272-4431. Mrs. Whaley will advise you of the most appropriate instrument for the proposed partnership, and will provide technical assistance as needed.

Contractual Relationships:
Whether a third party is providing actual services or only an in-kind contribution, that relationship should be formalized if the third party and/or its employees will be providing direct services to HCPS students. Examples of direct services may include tutoring, mentoring, field trips, summer programs, before and after school programming, etc. Based on the type of relationship with the third party, a different document may be required to formalize that relationship (see below).
If an individual or organization wants to: Then consult with Mary Lou Whaley for assistance with…
- receive student data/information maintained by the school district, with parent/guardian permission (see sample parent consent) Developing a Data Sharing Agreement:
Sample Data Sharing Agreement
Sample Parent Consent
- conduct a research project in district schools Submitting a Research Proposal Request form to the Assessment and Accountability Department.
- fulfill obligations related to a specified project, whether related to a grant or not Working with the appropriate district division to develop a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and present it to the School Board for approval. The type of MOA will differ based on whether or not funds will be exchanged.
MOA instructions and templates:
Exchange of Funds
In-Kind Only
- provide before or after school programs for students, regardless of where the services will be provided Contacting Michael McManus, the Supervisor of Out of School Time, at or (813) 744-8941, extension 306.
- provide summer school programming on a school campus when the provider is a current district employee Contacting Adriane Sykes, the Supervisor of Community Education, Fees, and Special Programs, at or (813) 231-1671.

Partnership Continuum:
Hillsborough County Public Schools is committed to increase community engagement throughout the district. The district provides a variety of ways for an individual, organization, or business entity to collaborate with the district/school. Procedures have been implemented to allow for the review of such interest including non-fee and fee based proposals, school fundraisers and information/flyer distribution (see below).
If an individual or organization wants to: Then consult with Mary Lou Whaley for assistance with…
- distribute information (flyer, letter, etc.) Completing the Application to Distribute Information.
If approved, the organization will receive notification of distribution parameters via a Distribution Status Form that accompanies the flyer.
- interact (time, talent, treasures) with a school/district site at NO-COST Completing a Community Partner Agreement.
  • For a district-level partnership, retain a copy at the school site and submit a copy to the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Support and Federal Programs.
  • For a school-level partnership, retain a copy at the school site and submit a copy to the Area Superintendent.
- implement partners’ grant-funded activities Submitting a proposal to the District Review Committee.
- interact (time, talent, treasures) with the school/district site that involves a FEE Submitting a request for a FEE-BASED Proposal.
An autoreply email will be sent automatically upon successful submission.
- use a district facility Following guidelines.
- volunteer or mentor HCPS students Contacting the HCPS Office of Volunteer Services, and completing the required volunteer application.
- submit fundraiser proposal that meets the minimum of 40% return to school/district. Must include copy of insurance and register as a vendor. Submitting a request for a District Review Fundraiser.
If approved as a vendor for fundraising, the organization must register as a vendor on the VendorBid website and comply with the BACKGROUND CHECK. See Jessica Lunsford Act Compliance.
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