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Consultant Selection Process

Revised May 4, 2011

Florida Statute 287.055, a.k.a. the “Consultant’s Competitive Negotiations Act” (CCNA) prescribes methods by which professional services of architects, engineers, land surveyors, and construction managers must be procured. District Policy 6330 comports with the CCNA. The process is detailed in graphical form.

Described herein is a process whereby the public interest is advanced by the identification and selection of the best-qualified professional construction consultants.


Each occasion when professional services must be purchased shall be publicly announced by publication of a legal notice in various local newspapers. The advertisement will include a general description of each project’s scope and budget, along with instructions how additional information may be obtained.

The additional information will include the submission requirements for consideration and the specific criteria on which submissions will be evaluated.

The competitive selection process involves two successive reviews. The first review is focused on submitted materials, references, and past experience. Sub-consultants and project staff assignments shall be identified in the submitted materials. Specific submittal requirements are located here: Standardized Submittal Requirements

During the first review, the committee shall evaluate, in a uniform and consistent manner, each applicant’s submitted materials. For each applicant, the committee shall:

  • Evaluate the materials submitted, and/or on file, from each applicant.
  • At the committee’s discretion, contact references to confirm prior experience of each applicant.
  • Review performance evaluation data on file, and/or discuss with District staff the applicant’s prior performance.
  • Generate and report a score for each applicant for each project. (The score sheet, including criteria and associated weights, can be found here: Evaluation Criteria Score Sheet

The scores from the first review shall be used to identify firms to be invited for a second review. Three or more of the highest scoring firms from the first review shall be invited to meet with the committee for the second review.

The second review is accomplished by interviews with the finalists from the first review, focusing on the qualifications, approach, and ability of each interviewed firm. Guidelines for the interviews are located here: Interview Guidelines

The interviews will result in a ranked list of no fewer than three firms.

Contract negotiations will be held with the top ranked firm from the competitive selection phase. The goal of the negotiations will be to establish a level of fair compensation for the services identified in the standardized contract documents. Compensation shall be consistent with that paid on comparable projects.

Factors affecting the compensation include size and complexity of the proposed project.

At the conclusion of successful contract negotiations, a contract will be presented to the School Board for approval.

All consultant agreements shall be based on contract documents prepared by the District. Contracts will strictly follow the form in the contract templates included with District standards located here. All contract document forms shall be reviewed and approved by the Board’s attorney prior to use. Architectural and Engineering Agreements will be full service. Construction Management Agreements shall be “C.M. at Risk” wherein the C.M. subcontracts the entirety of the work, and guarantees the price of construction. Design-Build Agreements shall require the establishment of a guaranteed maximum price and guaranteed completion date.

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