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Presentation and Interview Guidelines

Revised February 25, 2009

Oral presentations and interviews by short-listed firms are required on most projects. The final ranking of the short-listed firms will be based solely on the ratings from these presentations. (A copy of the evaluation form used by each Selection Committee member is available here.)

FS 287.055 (4)(a) states that the agency procuring professional services "...may require public presentations by, no fewer than three firms regarding their qualifications, approach to the project, and ability to furnish the required services." The Selection Committee requests that each presenter clearly address these criteria during the course of their presentation. The following is offered for your consideration:

  • Qualifications - Emphasis your firms strengths. Stress those services that you do particularly well, and that distinguishes your firm. Explain how your strengths could benefit these projects.
  • Approach to the project - Tell how your firm approaches similar projects. Do not propose specific solutions to these projects. How does your firm manage the issues of scope, schedule, budget, etc. Also provide any additional information relevant to your approach to the project.
  • Ability - Demonstrate that your firm has the resources to accomplish this work. Be specific in regard to experience and skills of your staff and consultants.

You are encouraged to provide whatever additional information you believe would be valuable to the Selection Committee in their efforts.

Remember, the presentations are more about your team, and less about these particular projects. The focus of your presentation should be your team's strengths and capabilities "in light of" the challenges posed by these projects.

The presentations will take place in the Facilities Division Conference Room located in the Planning and Construction Department. Equipment will be ready and available should you desire to present computer based materials. This will include a desktop computer running Windows XP, a CD reader, and an LCD projector with remote control. Use of this equipment is entirely optional, and is neither encouraged nor discouraged. There will be as many as seven members of the Selection Committee present to hear each presentation. Space will be limited. The presenting team should be limited to no more than four individuals. Fewer is better.

Presentations are scheduled on thirty minute intervals. Each presentation is explicitly limited to twenty minutes maximum. Any setup must be accomplished within this time period. Presenters are requested to reserve a reasonable amount of time for questions from the committee.

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