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Sumner High School - Formerly "TTT" High School


New Innovative High School
District leaders wanted to reinvent how the school was designed. So, they took input from teachers, along with experts in the workforce and career training, to build a school catered to educators needs. Harvard Jolly and CORE/HORUS Construction have built many schools throughout the state of Florida.

They brought innovative new ideas to make this high school state of the art.The school is designed for 2,500 students and currently has an enrollment of more than 3,100.The new “High School TTT,” as it’s known for planning purposes, will offer relief to both of the neighboring schools. The new school will be designed with more than 238,000 square feet and enrollment for close to 3,000 students. The school will cost an estimated $70 million to build and will be the biggest high school opened in the history of Hillsborough County Schools.

This school is funded by three years of impact fee collections.

Building with Design and Function
The District is committed to building with design and function that will provide opportunity and equitable learning environments that serve the needs of all of our students while working in partnership with our programming stakeholders. The goal is to build a learning environment that not only simulates students life in the modern world but for any postsecondary track they pursue in the 21st Century.


The site is located on the north side of County Road 672 (Balm Road), east of US Highway 301. Students assigned to specific areas within the East Bay, Lennard, Newsome, and Durant High School attendance boundaries are proposed to be reassigned to the new High School, with the exception of students who are current 11th graders and will be incoming seniors in 2020. These changes will be effective for the school year starting August 2020.

More information about proposed boundary changes

boundary map-link to boundary map video
Proposed Attendance Boundary Change Video for "TTT" High School


The Building and Fire Code require the use of non-combustible material for a 3-story school. Other products such as luxury vinyl tile have wood look designs which can be used in lieu of actual wood floors, and will be considered in the new design.

All 3 model concepts provide controlled access to the building during school hours. Other safety measures will be applied to the design as the design progresses.

The rebuild of Tampa Heights Elementary School is funded as an insurance claim.

The dining room and multi-purpose room are open to each other to maximize the number of students during lunch periods and events. The proposed cafeteria and multi-purpose room space can hold up to 200 people in a seated, lecture configuration or more than 400 people standing. Different furniture arrangements will be included in the plans to show different, possible layouts.

Yes, the school will be designed to meet the latest building and fire codes including impact rated windows and a fire sprinkler system.

Unfortunately, the site is bound on all 4 sides and does not allow for significant expansion.

Option A has been selected by the School District and the Design Team for several reasons: The central stairs provide a clear path of connection between levels and also, promote interaction and collaboration between students. Classrooms are spread on all 3 levels, starting with Kindergarten on Level 1 and higher grades as you move up. This layout is consistent with the ethos of the school.

Currently, we are projecting construction to be completed by November 23rd, 2020. The Design Team and Construction Team are working together to fast track the process and, possibly, improve the move in date.

The design phase started in October 2018 and is projected to be completed in August 2019. The construction phase will start in June 2019, with demolition of the interior and the construction of the structural skeleton concurrently with the design phase. The construction phase is projected to be completed prior to the November 2020, occupancy date.

The Design Team organized the new design around the 7 Wonders theme (Leadership, Innovation, Economics, Environment, Wellness, Communication, and Culture). The new design includes a flexible learning environment, a ‘learning corridor’ with display areas, seating, writable surfaces, consideration for daylight, playful colors, material textures, acoustics, and a 3-story connector at the heart of the school. The environs outside of the building will be activated with exterior dining areas, a green courtyard, outdoor classroom, and community garden.

The Design Team is restoring the three main façades, west, front and east, to their original design.

The insurance company has indicated they will be obligated to pay for the cost of replacing the school to current code requirements.

Parentlinks, social media posts on twitter @HCPSoperations , @HCPSarea4, @HCPS, and Tampa Heights Construction webpage including a link on a school website

School administration and a variety of district departments will make decisions on these topics.

Colors and mascot will be determined with input from students, staff, families, and the community.

There will be 398 student stations.

The administration will be located on level 1 / ground level.

At this time, we are only providing for the replacement of the original school, therefore there is no cover for court area factored into the budget.

The classroom square footage is comparable to the previous classroom sizes and follow the Florida State Requirements for Educational Facilities.

Kindergarten classrooms are required to be on the main, ground level of the school.


Sumner High School Receives Prestigious Cambridge AICE International School Status
Brand New, State-of-the-Art Sumner High School Opens for 2020-21 School Year
Hillsborough Schools Shift to Virtual Hiring During Closure
Hillsborough School Board Names New High School Sumner High School

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Division of Operations


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Building Use: High School

Projected Opening: August 2020

School Name: At the Tuesday, October 15th School Board Meeting, members voted to name the new high school, Sumner High School after Jule F. Sumner, an early pioneer in Hillsborough County

Principal: David Brown has been appointed the principal of Sumner High School. Mr. Brown is the former principal of Strawberry Crest High School.

Cambridge AICE: Applying to become a prestigious Cambridge AICE International school

Project Location/Address: North side of County Road 672 (Balm Road), East of US Highway 301, across from Ayersworth and Mirabella subdivision

Traffic Impacts: Our District will continue to work with Hillsborough County to address traffic management.

Total Square Footage: 238,268 Sqft

# Student Stations: 2905

Number of Floors: 2 stories

Project Budget: $75,000,000

Project Documentation: TTT High School At-A-Glance


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Construction Professionals:
Core Construction
Core Construction

Horus Construction
Horus Construction

Design Professionals:
Harvard Jolly Architecture
Harvard Jolly Architecture

Division of Operations, Planning and Construction

Chuck Plante, Senior Project Administrator

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