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Construct and Maintain Facilities That Support Learning

The Planning & Construction Department coordinates all District construction projects, small and large. The scope of projects managed by the Department ranges from the installation of a new digital sign or sunshade to the construction of new schools, and also includes all remodeling, repair and renovation projects.

Information regarding current and upcoming projects is available through a variety of sources:

Construction Project Database - the database provides information on current and recently completed projects, including projects currently under development, and is a good source of information regarding upcoming project opportunities.

Vendor Link - all construction project bid solicitations, and solicitations for professional architectural, engineering and construction management services are issued via the District’s Vendor Link system. Bid results and professional service selections are also announced via Vendor Link.

Project News - provides current information on all solicitations for professional architectural, engineering and construction management services.

Project Approach - projects are accomplished through a variety of contracting approaches as described in this document.

Continuing Service Agreement List - March 18, 2019

2018-19 Approved Five Year Facilities Work Program - the Five Year District Facilities Work Program identifies requirements for major capital improvements, repairs, renovations and new schools and the revenues being used to fund them.

2018-19 Approved Five Year Work Program Project Listing - the Project Listing identifies specific major repair, renovation and new school projects anticipated for funding in the next five years.

Tentative 5 Year Work Plan - The Tentative Five Year District Facilities Work Plan is the first step in planning for major capital improvements, repairs and renovations for the upcoming 5-year period.

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