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July 5, 2019
Tips for Teachers
Job Search Tip #4
Tampa Lifestyle for Teachers - Tip #3
Tampa is a desired destination for a lot of Gen-Z and millennial workers. Sure, the weather is great. After all, you don’t have to shovel sunshine! Yet that’s not the only thing Tampa can hang its hat on – after all Read More
June 6, 2019
Tips for Teachers
Job Search Tip #3
Finding the Best Fit for Your New Teaching Job - Tip #3
When job seekers pour over opportunities, they often focus on money or location. But one thing is sometimes overlooked: Which job is the best fit? Read More
May 15, 2019
Tips for Teachers
Job Search Tip #2
Top Interview Questions for Teachers - Tip #2
Find out the top questions Principals use in interviews and to determine if you are a match for their students and staff. Read More
April 16, 2019
Tips for Teachers
Job Search Tip #1
Resume Writing Tips Tailored for Teachers - Tip #1
There is no substitute for having the right resume. Without it, your search likely won’t get very far. Learn the dos and don’ts of a resume that gets you hired. A few of the musts include listing what you are certified to teach, what level you are most passionate about teaching, how to translate your volunteer experience into real world experience and more Read More

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