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Operations Training Institute


The Operations Training Institute (OTI) is a continuing education pathway of core courses and activities designed to provide current and aspiring managers and supervisors with opportunities to increase their leadership knowledge and skill levels—thereby improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability of the Operations Division of HCPS. The OTI will launch with the Maintenance Department as its pilot group.

The six courses - Budget Management, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Effective Communication, Project Management, and Team Building will ensure current and aspiring leaders within the Maintenance Department will have exposure to the foundational skills and tools necessary to lead their teams.

Current supervisors and managers are automatically enrolled into the OTI. Aspiring leaders’ enrollment into the OTI is strictly voluntary and is open to anyone who is an employee within the HCPS Maintenance Department.

  • Core Course Enrollment is Sept. 1-15, 2019 through an online portal
  • Six courses: Weekday evenings and Saturday mornings, October 2019 through March 2020
  • All current managers and supervisors, and all aspiring managers and supervisors are required to complete the six courses
  • The Self-Assessment Tool, which is available for completion June 17 – July 1, 2019, provides opportunities to guide growth
  • For current leaders, development of your Individualized Professional Development Plan upon course completion

Operations Training Institute - Path to Maintenance Leadership

OTI - Path to Maintenance Leadership

  1. Acknowledge Interest in Leadership Path
    A member of the Operations organization acknowledges their interest in Leadership and submits a candidate profile for assessment and screening.
  2. Foundational Courses
    Current and aspiring leaders complete Maintenance foundational courses-Effective Communication, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Budget and Project Management-during a 120 day period. Foundational Courses certificate is issued upon successful completion.
  3. IPDP
    An Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) is developed for current and newly promoted leaders from the self-assessment tool.
  4. Maintenance Leadership Training
    Maintenance leader schedules courses that align with their IPDP. Coursework is taken during a six-month period.
  5. OTI Certification
    Maintenance leader completes coursework and earns Operations Training Institute (OTI) certification.


June 17 – July 1, 2019
Current and aspiring Maintenance leaders complete and submit the electronic Self-Assessment Tool

September 1, 2019
Core Course Enrollment

October 1, 2019
Core Courses Begin

March 2020
Core Course Completion and OTI Certification

April 2020
Development of Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP) for Current Leaders

For more information, contact...

Facilities Maintenance Support, Department Manager
Benjamin Moore

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