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Standardized Submittal Criteria - Interior Wall Reconfiguration

A single submittal is required for all projects being sought. Multiple submittals will be disregarded. Your interests in multiple projects must be communicated in a single presentation file. You may indicate the project(s) that is/are your preference or if you only wish to be considered for a specific project. Submittals that lack the proper identification or are not specific as to the desired category will be disregarded. Your interests in multiple projects is neither encouraged or discouraged. Only firms who have staff members with a track record of successfully completing projects that involved the classroom reconfiguration of an operational school should submit for these projects.

Each submittal must be delivered in a separate envelope containing a single USB thumb drive. CDs and DVDs are not acceptable. Eight (8) paper copies of the identical information contained on the USB thumb drive must accompany each submission.

Digital submittals shall be formatted as follows:

  • MS Windows readable.
  • PowerPoint, Pdf, Flash, HTML, or other similar file format.
  • Individual files should not auto-start. However, presentations (PowerPoint, etc.) on the USB thumb drive are encouraged to be self-running once executed. Self-running presentations are exempt from any limitation on page count or file size, providing the total running duration is not more than four (4) minutes. When self-running presentations are provided, include a separate version of the presentation file that is not self-running on the USB thumb drive.
  • Presentations which are not self-running shall contain no more than 25 static pages, and shall be no larger than 50mb.
  • Presentations shall not be interactive and shall not require any form of input from the viewer other than that required to advance slides (in the case of presentations that are not self-running.)
  • The presentation USB thumb drive shall be labeled to identify both the project(s) desired, and the submitting firm’s name.
  • Submittals should be optimized for viewing when projected on a 4 ft. x 6 ft. screen in a small conference room.

Submittal content shall be organized as follows:

  • Include a title image identifying the firm and the scope being sought.
  • Include a legible image of the license or certification held by the applicant for the specific work being sought.
  • Include a single summary image for each of the six (6) identified evaluation criteria.
  • The summary images should be readily distinguishable from the non-summary images.
  • Each summary image should contain all of the information necessary for the reviewer to complete their evaluation for that topic.
  • If desired, supplemental information may be provided immediately following each summary image. At a minimum, Construction Managers must include as supplemental information for the Workload and Capacity criteria an image of a recent (dated after the applicable solicitation date) letter from a bonding company indicating the single and aggregate project values they are willing to bond.

NOTE: In addition to, and separate from the presentation file, Construction Managers shall submit a Contractor's Qualification Statement on either an AIA 305 or the District’s form. These documents should be in PDF format, with the file name reflecting the content and the firm, i.e.: "AIA 305_firmname.pdf"

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