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We are celebrating #STEMtober at our Award-Winning Hillsborough County Public Schools during October.

Hillsborough County is preparing students for life through an exciting STEM education. This can lead to both a rewarding career and a positive impact on the community.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) – is one of the most critical areas for education in the country.

We emphasize STEM education all year, but put a spotlight on it in October.

Schools across the district host STEM-related events. Keep up with them on Twitter with #STEMtober

The Science Fair Olympics happens annually across our elementary schools. Students will showcase their engineering, creativity and problem-solving skills as they compete in Skyscrapers, Aqua Foils, Paper Airplanes, Balloon Racers, Marshmallow Flyers and Marble Coasters.

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