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Construction Project Approach

Typical approach for repairs, renovations and new construction is provided herein. Alternate approaches complying with Board policies may be employed at the discretion of the General Manager of Construction.

Architect, Engineer, Construction Manager (CM) Selection: project specific selection of an architect, engineer, or construction manager following the Consultants Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA).

Continuing Services Architect, Engineer, Construction Manager (CM): Selection from a list of firms previously appointed for continuing services, for projects with an estimated construction cost less than $2 million.

Minor Project Solicitation (MPS): Abbreviated bidding process using Vendor Bid. This process may be used on projects costing more than $10,000 and less than $300,000; projects over $300,000 must be accomplished by open bid or through a CM.

Open Bid: Public bid solicited from any firms meeting qualifications; an alternative to selection of a construction manager for projects costing over $300,000.

Recurring Services Contract: Previously awarded indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract for supplies and services provided on a unit price basis. Most are awarded for one-year periods, and can be extended.

Typical Approach:




New facilities Architect selection
CM selection
Major renovations Architect selection
CM selection
Portables/Modulars (future) Continuing Services Architect
Continuing Services CM
Low-voltage Continuing Services Engineer
MPS/Open Bid/Recurring Services(1)
Painting Continuing Services Architect
MPS/Open Bid/Recurring Services(1)
Paving Continuing Services Engineer
MPS/Open Bid/Recurring Services(1)
Drainage Continuing Services Engineer
MPS/Open Bid/Recurring Services(1)
Fencing In House
MPS/Recurring Services(1)
Flooring In House
MPS/Recurring Services(1)
HVAC greater than $2 mil Engineer selection
Open Bid/CM selection
HVAC leass than $2 mil Continuing Services Engineer
MPS (less than $300k); Open Bid (greater than $300k)(2)
Roofing greater than $2 mil Architect selection
Open Bid
Roofing less than $2 mil Continuing Services Architect
MPS (less than $300k); Open Bid (greater than $300k)
Courts/Tracks Continuing Services Engineer
MPS (less than $300k); Open Bid (greater than $300k)
Irrigation In House
MPS/Recurring Services(1)
Field Turf Renovation In House
MPS/Recurring Services(1)
Multi-discipline less than $2 mil Continuing Services Architect
MPS (less than $300k); Cont. Services CM(3)
1 - Minor project solicitations may be used in lieu of existing Recurring Services contracts for larger projects (over $10,000, depending on terms of the applicable Recurring Services bid) to achieve economies of scale or advantages of competitive solicitations.

2 - Construction Managers (CM’s) may be used for larger HVAC renovations when significant schedule constraints or coordination requirements exists. Examples include projects that must be accomplished during occupied times (primarily for year-round facilities); that include significant other work (complete roof replacement in conjunction with a large HVAC renovation); or present a significant schedule challenge (complete renovation of the HVAC, lights and ceilings of a typical middle school, constrained to a single summer period.)

3 - Continuing Services CMs may be used on smaller projects (< $300,000 construction cost) involving multiple disciplines in lieu of a minor project solicitation, particularly when critical time constraints exist.
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