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Minor Contracted Repairs Execution

Typical approach for minor contracted services and repair is provided below. Please note that this is typical, and does not apply in all cases.

Recurring Services Contract: Previously awarded indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract for supplies and services provided on a unit price basis. Most are awarded for one-year periods, and can be extended.

Vendor Rotation Contract: This is a type of Recurring Services Contract where a set price is established for multiple vendors, and jobs are rotated among the board-approved vendors.

Quote: when no Recurring Services Contract exists, and the estimated cost of the repair or service is less than $25,000, quotes are obtained from vendors registered with the District. For projects up to $5,000, a single quote is obtained, from a certified small business if one is registered. For projects between $5,000 and $9,999, a minimum of three phone quotes are obtained. For projects between $10,000 and $49,999, written quotes are solicited. Repairs and services for more than $50,000 are typically handled using the process for major repairs.



Permanent concrete work Quote
Low-voltage systems repairs Recurring Services Contract
Relocatable electrical connections Recurring Services Contract (Rotation Candidate)
Relocatable plumbing connections Recurring Services Contract (Rotation Candidate)
Temporary sidewalks for relocatables Recurring Services Contract (Rotation Candidate)
Concrete demolition and removal Recurring Services Contract (Rotation)
Relocatable relocation and foundations Recurring Services Contract
Relocatable low-voltage connections Recurring Services Contract (Rotation Candidate)
Electrical repairs Recurring Services Contract (Rotation Candidate)
Plumbing repairs Recurring Services Contract (Rotation Candidate)
Roof repairs Quote
Painting Recurring Services/Quote (Rotation Candidate)
Paving Recurring Services/Quote
Drainage Recurring Services/Quote
Fencing Recurring Services/Quote (Rotation Candidate)
Flooring Recurring Services/Quote (Rotation Candidate)
HVAC Recurring Services/Quote
Courts/play fields/tracks Recurring Services/Quote
Irrigation Recurring Services/Quote
Field Renovation Recurring Services/Quote
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