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Grants and Research

Grants and Research

Grant Writing Resources

Below are grant seeking websites and email subscription sites that will assist you in finding a grant that will meet your needs. All of these resources are free of charge.

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center gives regular email updates to grants and awards available through charitable and private foundations. To join the list at any time, send a message to LISTSERV@LISTS.FDNCENTER.ORG with the words SUBSCRIBE RFP-BULLETIN [your name]in the body of the message, or visit the Web at:

Public Education Network Weekly Newsblast

The PEN (Public Education Network) Weekly Newsblast sends regular email updates on grants and other educational issues. To subscribe, visit:

Florida Bureau of Grants Management Funding Opportunities Email

The Bureau of Grants Management emails a regular list of Funding Opportunities to interested parties. To sign up for Funding Opportunities emails, go to: Type in your email address and proceed through the next two screens, filling them out appropriately. When you reach the screen that allows you to choose your interest from a long list of educational topics, go to Publications, then click on Funding Opportunities. Submit your request.

Data Links - School, District, State and National Data Sites

Basic facts on HCPS Assessment and Accountability
HCPS Points of Pride HCPS Strategic Measurable Goals
District Information Florida Department of Education Bureau of School Improvement
Census Facts FETPIP (Florida Education & Training Placement Information Program)
Archived Florida School Indicators Report (1996-2008) Delinquency Profiles by Zip Code
School Grades, AYP, etc. Florida Public High School Graduates Report
State Assessments School Public Accountability Reports (SPAR)
KIDS COUNT - measures of child well-being Sortable FCAT demographic reports
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