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Non-Traditional Programs K-12 & Alternative Pathways

Non-Traditional Programs K-12 & Alternative Pathways

Alternative Education

Alternative Education Locations

Brandon EPIC 3
Cornelius Bobo, Principal
Grades 6-12
1019 N. Parsons Avenue
Seffner, FL 33584
(813) 651-2167
North Tampa EPIC 3
Mickey Boddie, Principal
Grades 6-12
8602 N. Armenia Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603
(813) 631-4426

Entrance into an Alternative Education setting is not a voluntary option for parents/students. Students are assigned placement at one of the sites through a Change of Placement Hearing. The alternative site the student is assigned is determined by residential boundaries.

Student Profile
  • Presently in grades 6-10
  • Under the age of 16
  • Extensive in-school interventions have proven unsuccessful
  • Student displays a pattern of disruptive behavior or commits a major violation that is not a manifestation of any disability.
Reasons Students May Not be Considered for Alternative Education
  • 16 years of age
  • Student has not received in-school interventions
  • Truancy
Exit Criteria

Alternative Schools release students at the end of each semester (January and June). Students are considered successful when they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Length of Assignment – Completed exiting date determined at hearing/staffing
  • Behavioral – Maintain a satisfactory behavioral record as defined by no referrals resulting in OSS for the last nine weeks
  • Attendance – No more than five (5) absences for the last nine weeks
  • Academics – Student must have no failing grades for the last nine weeks grading period
  • Parent Involvement Activities – Must be completed by the end of the last nine weeks (provided by site during orientation)

Note: A student may be promoted to the next grade, but must still meet all Alternative School exit criteria in order to return to a traditional school. Re-entry to the traditional school is possible only after successful completion at the alternative school. The average length of stay is approximately one year.

Transition Back to Traditional School

When a student has met the criteria for successful completion, a letter is sent to the neighborhood school informing the school of the student’s placement/return. A “Meet and Greet” is organized to give the receiving school the opportunity to meet and discuss the student in order to ensure a successful transition back into the traditional school setting.

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