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Virtual Instruction Programs

Virtual Instruction Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it mean to be a full-time Hillsborough Virtual (HVS) student?
A. HVS full-time students are public school students, so they must take a full schedule, stay on pace, follow the pupil progression plan for the district, and take FCAT/EOC tests. In exchange, they can go on field trips, join clubs, use our full-time HVS teachers, access guidance counselor support, and eventually earn a high school diploma.

Q. What does it mean to be a coenrolled student?
A. That means students are enrolled in a public high school and are taking some classes at school and the rest online. All coenrolled students are encouraged to use Hillsborough Virtual School for classes when possible. Guidance counselors can offer assistance.

Q. What’s the difference between Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS) and Florida Virtual School (FLVS)?
A. For grades 6 - 12, HVS and FLVS share the same virtual environment, so the classes are the same. The difference is that HVS follows the district school calendar, which means HVS classes have start and stop deadlines. Also, HVS uses Hillsborough County Public Schools instructors to teach the classes.

Q. What’s the difference between Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS) and Home Education?
A. Students who are full-time HVS students are PUBLIC school students and must abide by all the rules of HVS and the district. Home school students operate under a parent’s/guardian’s authority and have different rules and requirements. Home schoolers may take all their classes with HVS, but they retain their home school status.

Q. I signed up for all Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS) classes. Am I an HVS student?
A. To be considered full-time HVS, students must make an application, be offered a seat, and physically enroll in our office like any other public school. Home school students can take a full schedule with HVS, but they remain home schoolers.

Q. How many hours per day should I work?
A. Students can expect to work about 5 hours a week per class, which is similar to physical school time. Full-time students have the most success sticking with a consistent schedule, turning in work for every class, every week.

Q. What’s a “segment"?
A. A segment is another name for semester.

Q. What does it mean to “follow the district calendar"? Can I finish a class slower?
A. Once Hillsborough Virtual School students begin their work, they are required to finish each class by the end of each semester.

Q. I thought I could go at my own pace. Can I finish a class faster?
A. Yes. Students can put as many hours into their online class as they want. It is recommended you choose a pace finishing 6-7% of the class per week.

Q. I was advised to “use Hillsborough Virtual School for my classes.” What does that mean?
When requesting courses, students will be prompted to choose either Hillsborough Virtual School or Florida Virtual School for the “Course Virtual School".

Q. I tried to choose a Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS) class but they’re all closed. What’s wrong?
A. HVS classes usually follow the district calendar, though there is flexibility. Sometimes, HVS classes are closed to enrollment. Also, rarely, a class is full with HVS. If you cannot enroll in HVS, check your start date. If it is correct, call our office: (813) 983-7278.

Q. When you say “class", what does that mean?
A. A class online is equivalent to one semester (two quarters). For example, all of Geometry is really two classes - Geometry, segment 1 & Geometry, segment 2.

Q. I want to drop my physical school class in the middle of a semester (Oct/Nov or Mar/Apr) and take it online. Why do I need to “start the class over"?
A. Online classes do not take partial grades from physical schools. Students must complete the whole class. Online classes typically take 14-18 weeks to complete working 5 hours per week.

Q. What’s the cost?
A. HVS is public school and is free to Hillsborough County students. We do not offer programs for purchase.

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