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HOST (Before and After School, Summer Care) Programs

HOST (Before and After School, Summer Care) Programs

Elementary Programming

Homework Time: Homework completion time of at least one-half hour. This service is provided through age grouping, students with no homework may work on other active learning projects brought from home or provided by afterschool. These materials should be age-appropriate reading, math, science, geography, match games, puzzles, or other activities. A location must be provided that is conducive for task completion. Staff must provide assistance.

Snack Time: At least 15 minutes will be allocated for the consumption of healthy snacks. Milk, juice and snacks are provided by the HOST Program. Breakfast, lunch and a snack will be provided on full-day operations. You can find our monthly snack menu on the main page of the HOST website.

Rest Time: No more than half an hour of supervised rest time will be observed (long days only). Allowable activities include educational games, story or reading time, educational movies and/or relaxation.

Outdoor Activities: Supervised, organized and sequential activities including team games, locomotive skills exercises and/or playground time.

Enrichment: A minimum of 30 minutes must be set aside three times a week for academic enrichment. Activities such as art, music, sports, computerized educational programs, reading, math, science initiatives, educational games, story time, educational movies, or other academics are other choices. HOST Program staff members are responsible for the supervision and safety of the children during enrichment activities.

A weekly plan of activities incorporating the five general categories above may contain the following: group activities with arts and crafts instruction, a timely individual project, music appreciation, sing-along sessions or music activities using movement or action songs.

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