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HOST (Before and After School, Summer Care) Programs

HOST (Before and After School, Summer Care) Programs

Discipline, Late Pick-Up, and Late Payment Policies

Late Pick-Up/Discipline Policy
The following Late Pick-Up and Discipline Policy will be implemented for all children with a one-year enforcement period, August to August, or anniversary date for children enrolling after the August starting date.

  • First Incident – Written Warning Letter
  • Second Incident – Written Warning Letter, Child Excluded for 1 Day
  • Third Incident – Written Warning Letter, Child Excluded for 1 Week
  • Fourth Incident – Written Notification, Child is Withdrawn from Program

Late Pick-Up Fees
A late pick-up charge will be assessed for unexcused tardiness when picking up children. The HOST Program closes at 6:00 PM and our employees are not paid beyond 6:00 PM. Fees will be charged (per family) on the following scale: $5.00 for each 15 minute block of time until the child is picked up.

  • 6:01 PM to 6:15 PM - $5.00 per Family
  • 6:16 PM to 6:30 PM - $10.00 per Family

NOTE: Charges will be added to the following week’s fees. Habitual late pick-up from the HOST program sites: 1) will result in dismissal from the program, as it places unnecessary hardships and responsibilities on our staff, and 2) may necessitate law enforcement and/or child abuse/neglect authorities to initiate abandoned child procedures.

Late Payment Policy
A late fee charge will be assessed per family. Payment is due each Friday prior to the week of service. Late payment fees are assessed as follows:

  • Program fees are past due as of 6:01 PM every Monday (or the first day) of the week of service. A $5.00 late charge per day is then added to the past due fees.
  • Past due and late fees must be paid no later than Friday of the week of service. Failure to comply will result in your child(ren) being withdrawn from the program.
  • In the event of absence or closed program on Friday and Monday, the payment must be received the first day the child returns to the program. Late fees will be waived.
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