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School Readiness Family, Child and Provider Services

School Readiness Family, Child and Provider Services

School Readiness Family, Child & Provider Services

Services Provided

School Readiness services support children, families and providers in early childhood programs throughout Hillsborough County. The services consist of three teams: curriculum, screening and assessment and intervention.

The curriculum team recruits and assists centers and Family Child Care Homes (FCCH) through the Quality Counts for Kids program. Services include:

  • Training on lesson planning and developmentally appropriate curriculum (see approved list of curricula)
  • Training on social emotional development using Positive Behavior Support (PBS) and character development
  • Assist in preparation for quality assessment of the program
  • Assist in implementation of developmentally appropriate practices: active learning, learning environment, daily routine and adult/child interactions
  • Model appropriate teaching strategies for classroom staff
  • Coach teachers in all areas
  • Mentor teachers in the area of professionalism

The screening and assessment team coordinates child screenings for every school readiness child using the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3) and interprets the results to assist families and teachers. Services include:

  • Provide written communication to parents and providers with results of screenings and/or assessments
  • Provide appropriate intervention strategies to parents and providers based on the results of child screenings
  • Monitor and track interventions and progress of children and document significant progress
  • Communicate with families and seek consent for further screenings and/or assessments
  • Provide speech and language screenings for children as determined necessary by the school readiness team
  • Serve as members of the intervention team
  • Provide training on the ASQ and strategies to provider staff
  • Provide Spanish translations to assist providers and families
  • Identify and link families to community resources

The Intervention team coordinates the referral process for school readiness children. Services include:

  • Serve as a consultant and evaluator for young children with developmental, academic and/or behavioral concerns
  • Administer educational assessments and report findings in a comprehensive written format
  • Identify children with developmental concerns and coordinate the process of eligibility to staffing into Exceptional Student Education Programs in Hillsborough County Schools.
  • Consult and coordinate with parents, childcare personnel, School Readiness staff, HCPS personnel and other agencies to meet the needs of school readiness children
  • Complete state required Exceptional Student Education compliance forms and implement procedures as mandated by the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Utilize computer technology to interface goals and objectives with the school system’s electronic IEP system.
  • Provide trainings for professional development within the Early Childhood community as well as various HCPS departments

Programming, Child Assessment Screening and Evaluation
Programming, Child Assessment Screening and Evaluation is responsible for tracking data related to child assessment. This data is reported to the local Coalition and other community funders. In addition, the component is responsible for the creation, storage and distribution of preschool information for those children entering kindergarten the next school year. To ensure accurate reporting of data, the computer program is continually updated and improvements made to the system.

Children between the ages of birth to five (not yet in Kindergarten) enrolled in the School Readiness Program on a full-time basis are provided the opportunity to participate in ongoing developmental screenings and/or assessments.

Children ages 2 months to 36 months are screened every 6 months using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire which is an observational tool designed for the purpose of identifying children who may exhibit delays in one or more areas of development. Child care facilities are sent and complete the questionnaire for children scheduled for screenings.

Should a delay(s) be identified, School Readiness staff provides intervention strategies to the child care teach and parent. School Readiness staff is also available to provide further screenings and evaluation when needed.

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