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Enrollment, Withdrawals and Re-entry

Learn more about the requirements, policies and step-by-step processes pertaining to enrolling your child into a school, withdrawal policies and re-entry for students in grades 9-12.

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Requirements for registration are listed below. A parent must accompany all students at registration and bring the proper documents.

1. If coming from a public school within Florida, the following are required:

  • report card or a copy of transcript from the last school attended; (the new school’s registrar shall send for permanent record);
  • verification of parent/legal guardian address by two of the following:
    • property tax receipt or show homestead exemption (Primary source of verification):
    • current electric bill;
    • contract for purchase of home;
    • warranty deed
    • or lease agreement;
  • authenticated birth date; and
  • immunization records showing proof of proper immunization.

2. If coming from a public school outside Florida or from ANY private school, the following are required:

  • proof of physical examination by an approved licensed health care provider or the Hillsborough County Health Department, within 12 months prior to entry in Florida Schools;
  • report card or transcript from the last school attended (the new school’s registrar shall send for permanent record);
  • verification of parent/legal guardian address by two of the following:
    • property tax receipt or proof of homestead exemption (Primary source of verification);
    • current electric bill;
    • contract for purchase of home;
    • warranty deed; or
    • lease agreement.
  • Authenticated birth date can be verified by one of the following:
    • certified copy of birth certificate/State of Florida Birth Registration Card;
    • baptismal certificate showing date of birth, place of baptism, accompanied by parents’ sworn affidavit;
    • insurance policy on the child in force for at least two years;
    • Bible record of child’s birth accompanied by parents’ sworn affidavit;
    • passport or certificate of arrival in the United States showing age of child (view only, do not copy);
    • school record at least four years' prior, showing date of birth;
    • parent’s sworn affidavit accompanied by a certificate of examination from a health officer or physician verifying the child’s age (physical); and
  • Immunization records showing proof of proper immunization.

3. All students must reside with at least one parent or legal guardian. Proof of guardianship is photocopy of the court order appointing guardianship. Under extenuating circumstances, a notarized statement may be accepted if proof of residence can be validated.

4. All students must attend the school in the district where their parents/legal guardians reside or have a Homeless Affidavit, unless they have received a seat assignment to another school or program through Hillsborough Choice Options. Applications for Hillsborough Choice Options may be obtained by visiting the Choice/Magnet website. Families may apply online during open application periods.

5. All students enrolling in a school site must fill out the Student Residency Form and provide the school with the necessary documents.

6. Any student receiving special education services is encouraged to bring a copy of their most recent Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

Enrollment of Foreign-Born, English Language Learners (ELL) and Homeless Students - information available in Principal’s Packet in Main Office.

NOTICE: HCPS collects your Social Security number for the following purposes: identification and verification, employment qualification, tax reporting, benefits and retirement processing, unemployment compensation, and state reporting to the Department of Education. Social Security numbers are also used as a unique numeric identification within some of our systems and may be used for search purposes. (April 1, 2009)

HCPS Entrance Requirements Policy - 5112

A student who wishes to withdraw from school must report to the appropriate office with a note from the enrolling parent and receive a clearance from that office. The withdrawal form must be signed by all of his or her teachers and required staff. These signatures indicate that the student is clear with reference to textbooks, library books, and any other school equipment that might have been in his or her possession.

If a student between the ages of 16 and 18 withdraws and does not plan to re-enroll at another site, or plans on attending an adult school, the student MUST have a signed, completed exit interview on file with the school district. The assistant principal in the Office of Student Affairs at the student’s home school will initiate the exit interview and guidance personnel will assist with the completion.

HCPS Withdrawal from School Policy - 5130

A student 18 years of age or older who has interrupted his or her education and who subsequently desires to enter Hillsborough County Public Schools shall physically enroll either in the Adult Day School or an Adult Evening School.

The student may not enroll in a regular high school. In extenuating circumstances, a principal may recommend an exception to this policy to the Chief of Schools, Administration.

Registration Document Checklist: Download
Registration Letter - In County Download
Registration Letter - Out of County Download
Student Residency Form: English | En Espanol
Student Release and Emergency Information Card: Download
Student Media Release: Download
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