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Charter Schools

Charter Schools

Application Instructions for the 2020-2021 School Year

  1. The School Board of Hillsborough County is authorized to operate charter schools.

  2. It is the responsibility of the charter school applicants to request technical assistance from the Florida Department of Education or the School Board of Hillsborough County.

  3. Acceptance of an application for review does not imply or ensure approval of the application.

  4. Approval of an application does not authorize the operation of the charter school. Approval of an application authorizes the parties to negotiate a contract to operate the school.

  5. Charter school applicants wishing to apply for the 2020-2021 school year shall provide a letter of intent to establish a charter school to Jenna Hodgens, General Director of Charter Schools, on or before January 2, 2019.

    • indicate special population you are targeting and estimated number of students

    • enrollment estimate by grade

    • name, address, and phone number of contact person

  6. Applicants shall submit the charter application according to the process delineated in the State’s Model Florida Charter School Application and ensure the following submission format is provided to Hillsborough County:

    • Five (5) hard copies in binders with labeled tabs identifying each section, attachment and addenda of the application.

    • One (1) USB flash drive labeled with the school's name containing a compiled PDF of the application with each section, attachment and addenda bookmarked. Must be the same as the hard copy.

    • Documents must contain a table of contents with page numbers for all sections, attachments and addenda.

    • Documents must have consecutive page numbers throughout the compilation (sections, attachments, and addenda) which are aligned with the table of contents.

  7. Applications shall be submitted in the above format by February 1, 2019, by the close of business, 4:30 p.m. Applications should be mailed or hand delivered to:

    • Raymond O. Shelton School Administrative Center (ROSSAC)
      Charter Office
      901 East Kennedy Boulevard
      Tampa, FL 33602

  8. All applications will be presented to the School Board within 90 days of February 1, 2019, with the recommendation for approval or denial from the Superintendent unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

  9. For an application or more information about submitting a Charter School Proposal, contact the Charter Office at (813) 272-4049.

  10. Model Florida Charter School Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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