All schools and district offices will be closed Monday, November 23rd through Friday, November 27th. Schools and district offices will reopen on Monday, November 30th.

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Area Superintendent, Area 6

Area Superintendent, Area 6

Area 6 - Contacts

Area Superintendent: Michelle Fitzgerald
2920 N. 40th St Tampa, FL 33605
District Mail: Rte 7

Deputy Director
Denny Oest
(813) 707-7050

Executive Secretary
Dorinda Rountree
(813) 707-7050

Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE) Supervisor
Michele McFarland
(813) 707-7056

Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE) District Resource Teacher (DRT)
Sarah Murphy
(813) 707-7056

Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE) and Staffing Secretary
Judy Neumann
(813) 707-7056

Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE) Staffing Coordinator
Cammie Thomas
(813) 707-7054

Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE) Staffing Specialists
Sarah DeWeese
(813) 707-7054

Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE) Transition Specialist
Carole Armstrong
(813) 707-7050 ext 241

Exceptional Student Ed. (ESE) Parent Liaison
Leilani Cuello
(813) 707-7436

Student Nutrition Specialist
Robert Langford
(813) 840-7285

Transportation Department Call Center
(813) 982-5500

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