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District Review

District Review

How to Submit a Proposal

  1. Select and complete the appropriate form:
    • General Proposals: If you have additional material that will accompany your online proposal (support documents/examples), please email additional information directly to or mail one (1) copy of item(s) to Community Engagement, P.O. Box 3408, 2nd floor, Tampa, Florida 33601-3408.
    • Fundraiser Proposal: After you submit your fundraiser proposal, please email a copy of your Certificate of Insurance and one (1) original fundraiser packet (as if it were to go home with a student) to Community Engagement, P.O. Box 3408, 2nd floor, Tampa, Florida 33601-3408. PLEASE NOTE: Approved fundraising vendors are required to be registered vendors with the school district AND to comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act. To register as a vendor, visit the HCPS Procurement Department information for Vendors and Bidders.
    • FEE-BASED PROPOSAL: If your proposal involves fees, a cost to the school, or a cost to the school district, use the Fee-Based Proposal form.
  2. Submit the online form (remember to press save and continue periodically as you are completing your information) *Helpful Hint: copy and paste the questions into a word doc and answer them at your leisure, when ready to submit, copy and paste the answers into the form and press submit once.
  3. An autoreply email will be sent automatically upon successful submission. If you do not receive an autoreply email, please call us at (813) 272-4431 or email

Flyer Distribution: The school district has established guidelines relative to requests to distribute information regarding free opportunities to students, parents, and/or staff. Please follow the link to our Peachjar page for more information.

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