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Elementary Social Studies

Elementary Social Studies


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Living, Learning and Working Together – Kindergarten students will learn about themselves, their families, and the community. Students will be introduced to basic concepts related to history, geography, economics, and citizenship.

Primary and Secondary Sources Jobs and Money
Children and Families of Long Ago and Today Wants and Needs
National Holidays and Celebrations Rules and Laws
Symbols of America Being a Good Citizen
Beginning Geography American Heroes
Calendar and Timelines

First Grade
Our community and Beyond – First grade students will expand their knowledge of family and community through history, geography and economics and learn about their role as a citizen in their home, school, and community.

Primary and Secondary Sources Wants and Needs of Families and Communities
Life Long Ago and Today Rules and Laws Help at School and in the Community
National Holidays and Celebrations Being a Good Citizen at School and in the Community
Symbols of America Making Decisions & Solving Problems
Geography American Heroes
Beginning Economics

Second Grade
Who We Are As Americans – Second grade students will investigate the impact of immigration over time on the United State, explore the geography of North America and discover the foundations of American citizenship.

Primary and Secondary Sources Geography of North America
Native Americans or North America United States Citizenship
United States Immigration Contributions of Various Cultural Groups in North America
Colonial American Life Symbols of America / Patriotism

Third Grade
The United States Regions and Its Neighbors – Third grade students will learn about North America and the Caribbean. They will include physical and cultural characteristics as they learn about our country its neighbors.

Primary and Secondary Sources Southern Region of the United States
The Social Sciences Southwestern Region of the United States
Map and Globe Skills Western Region of the United States
Cultures of North America Canada
Northeastern Region of the United States Mexico
Midwestern Region of the United States The Caribbean

Fourth Grade
Fourth grade students will learn about Florida history focusing on Exploration and Colonization, Growth, and the 20th Century and beyond. Students will study the important historical people, places and events that helped shape Florida.

Pre Columbian Florida Roaring 20’s, The Great Depression and WWII in Florida
Exploration and Settlement of Florida Contemporary Florida
Growth of Florida Florida’s State Government
Civil War and Reconstruction In Florida

Fifth Grade
Fifth grade students will study the development of our nation with an emphasis on the important people, places and events up to 1850. During this year of study, students will be exposed to the historical, geographic, political, economic, and sociological events which influenced the initial inhabitation, exploration, colonization, and early national periods of American History. In accordance with the principal of historical causation, students should also have the opportunity to understand how individuals and events of this period influenced later events in the development of our nation and world.

Analyzing Primary and Secondary Resources Foundations of United States Government
Exploration and Settlement of North America American Revolution & Birth of a Nation
Colonization of North America Growth and Westward Expansion
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